Purchasing Division 

The City of Brantford’s Purchasing Division is responsible for the strategic acquisition of goods, services and construction for the municipality.  It is our mandate to follow the Purchasing Policy Bylaw which allows the municipality to obtain required goods and/or services while achieving the best value through a transparent, fair and competitive process.

Purchasing Policy Bylaw

Purchasing Policy Bylaw 63-2016 (pdf)

Code of Ethics

Purchasing Staff at the City of Brantford are proud members and have adopted the Code of Ethics of the following Associations:

Website: Ontario Public Buyers Association / Code of Ethics (pdf)

Website: The Institute of Public Procurement (NIGP) / Code of Ethics (pdf)

Bid Opportunities

Please visit our Bid Opportunities Portal to create an account, view bids or register as a plan taker.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, these purchase order terms and conditions form part of every purchase order issued by the City. Variations of the purchase order, including these terms and conditions, are not authorized unless approved by the City in writing.

PO Terms and Conditions (pdf)

Cooperative Purchasing

The City of Brantford is a member of the Grand River Cooperative Procurement Group (GRCPG). The GRCPG’s focus is to maximize value for the taxpayer by working cooperatively to promote efficiency and economy in the areas of purchasing and materials management through enhanced communication tools, process standardization and resource sharing. The Cooperative represents tax-supported institutions and commissions within the area.

Competitive opportunities will be posted by the GRCPG Lead Agency through their bidding platform.


Purchasing Contact Information

Information for the Purchasing Division or Staff is available at Purchasing Contact Information page

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