Health & Healthy Lifestyles 

A “healthy lifestyle” can vary considerably by gender, life stage, geography, culture, and resources. For some, healthy lifestyles include a wide range of behaviours, such as effective coping, lifelong learning, safety precautions, social interaction, volunteering, parenting, spirituality, balancing work and family, as well as good nutrition, physical activity, safe sex, and avoiding tobacco and substance abuse. A healthy lifestyle involves the capacity to make personal choices to prevent diseases and promote self-care, cope with challenges, and develop self-reliance, solve problems and make choices that enhance health.

The statistics on the following pages have been sourced from Statistics Canada, Canadian Community Health Survey, 2008 on the Brant County Health Unit area. The reader should note that the Statistics Canada survey is based on a sample size of approximately 400 and is subject to variability from one survey year to the next.

The topics below are outlined in the Health & Healthy Lifestyles section of the attached pdf document.

  • Health Accessibility & Health Levels
  • Health Conditions
  • Infant Mortality & Life Expectancy
  • Disease & Death Rates

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