Income, Prosperity & Poverty 

In 2007, the Conference Board of Canada in its report – “The Canada Project – Sustainable Prosperity for Canada” suggested that twenty-first century cities will be the drivers of prosperity. However, most cities now show increasing extremes of wealth and poverty along with overwhelming social challenges, industrial restructuring with the resulting job losses and / or replacement with lower paying service jobs.

Brantford•Brant CMA is dealing with these same socio-economic problems as much larger cities in Canada.

The topics below are outlined in the Income, Prosperity & Poverty section of the attached pdf document.

  • Family Income
  • Family Income After Tax
  • Low Income Cut Off (LICO)
  • Personal Income - Low Income Cut Off
  • Family Income - Female Lone Parent Families
  • Low Income Cut Off (LICO) - Children
  • Low Income Cut Off (LICO) - Seniors
  • Food Security

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