Brantford Children’s Memorial Garden Project 


In 2011, Council established a working study group to initiate the development of a memorial tribute for children in the City of Brantford.  For those having experienced the death of a child, the idea of a memorial children’s garden as a positive place for families and friends to gather, reflect, and honour their children’s memory is important. Children’s memorial gardens are also significant places for community - symbolizing hope and our shared love for all children.

Project Description:Children's Memorial Garden sculpture installation

The Children’s Memorial Garden is located at St. Andrew’s Park, located within the Brant Avenue Heritage District at 230 Brant Avenue (intersection of Palmerston Avenue).   Several of the other parks along Brant Avenue also feature monuments and civic works of art. The Cenotaph in War Memorial Park as well as the IODE and Polish War Monuments in Tom Thumb Park now anchor the south end of the Brant Avenue Heritage District.  The new memorial garden in St Andrew’s Park acts as a “gateway” to this special district and helps to better define and enhance a sense of history and place within the neighbourhood and along the street.

The park was redesigned to include a main artwork feature for the Children's Memorial Garden, new concrete pathways, and furnishings (benches, garbage receptacles), and areas for reflection, as well as space new horticultural beds and new landscaping.  Click to download the park site plan.

Artist Heather Vollans created the sculpture, "Hope", for the garden and led the community engagement opportunities for children, families and individuals to participate in the development and creation of the art as an artist-led community art project.  The initial design portion of these workshops took place in June/July 2012, community mosaic workshops took place in September, and the artwork was installed in November 2012. The garden was dedicated on Saturday, June 8, 2013.

Project Contacts:

If you have questions, would like to participate in this project, or would like further information, please feel free to contact the following project team members.

Vicki Armitage
Parks and Recreation
Manager, Park Design and Open Space Development
519-756-1500 ext 5527

Nicole Drake
Economic Development & Tourism
Arts & Culture Coordinator
519-751-9900 ext 202

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