Water & Wastewater Rate Structure

On Monday April 20, 2015, Council approved in principle the rate structure for water and wastewater. The approved rate structure for 2016 to 2024 is presented in Tables 1 to 4 of this Council Report, (Report No: PW 2015-038). 

The original proposed 2015-2024 water and wastewater rate structure (Council Report No: PW 2015-013) has been revised as per Council’s direction as follows:

  • There is no change in the revenue generated using the revised rate structure compared to the original rate structure proposed in March 2015.
  • There is no increase to the base charge for water. It remains at 2015 level until 2024.
  • There is no base charge for wastewater until 2024. It will continue to have only a volume charge.
  • The minimum bills for water and wastewater will be maintained at the 2015 level with no increase until 2024.
  • The volume charges for water and wastewater have been adjusted to generate revenues required to move towards long-term financial sustainability of the water and wastewater systems, as proposed in the original report.
  • The 2015 mid-year increase to the base charge that was proposed has been eliminated.

2018 Water Rate 

The treatment and distribution of drinking water and safe disposal of wastewater is the responsibility of the City of Brantford. Rates are approved by City Council. Click the below pdf document to open the Water and Waste Water Rate Card Pamphlet.

Effective January 1st, 2018, the water rate will be $2.07 per cubic meter.

Miscellaneous Water Services & Fees

Customer Service Calls:

Residents can reach the Customer Services Department by calling 519-759-4150 for information on a variety of issues such as water quality, leaks, water testing, low-pressure complaints and turning water on or off. Response to such inquiries is provided free of charge, during normal working hours (8am - 4pm). If the city needs to perform any repairs at this time, there will be a charge only for materials used. For other custom service requests, there is a cost recovery charge for the service being provided, such as:

Frozen Meter:

  • $108.00 plus cost of new meter during normal working hours
  • $223.00 plus cost of new meter after hours.

Pool Fill:

  • $475 between 8am – 4pm
  • $590 when started during normal hours and finished after hours 
  • $680 after hours.

More details of the charges for custom work done by the Water Division, can be found under the “2018 Water Fees and Service Charges”