Walking Club 

This is a great way to exercise, enjoy the outdoors with lots of company!

  • Membership to the Beckett Centre is required and renewable yearly.
  • An annual membership fee for all walkers of $5.00 is payable to the Walking Club, at the beginning of each year.  This minimal fee is given to the BALC Advisory Board to cover our expenses (ie. photocopies, paper etc...)
  • Tuesday walks: Summer hours for June, July & August  - 9:00 am 
    All other Tuesdays: Jan. - May and Sept. - Dec. : 10:00 am
  • Thursday walks: Leave at 9:00 am from the Beckett Centre.  The Centre will also be notified of last minute changes in destination.  Please call the Centre at (519) 756-3261 for update info.

Please pick-up your walking club schedule at the centre.

* Indicates to bring a lunch. The group has a cooler


The following is a listing of the Thursday walks only!!



November 2018

1st - Windmill Trail
8th - Scotland Agrimart
15th - Townsend Trail
22nd - Salt Springs Rd
29th - Oxbow Rd.


December 2018

6th - Simcoe Lights – 3PM – Restaurant after
13th - Paris to Glen Morris – XMAS DINNER
20th - Scenic Drive