Is your facility wheelchair accessible?
Yes. All of our rooms have barrier free access including our washrooms. We have 1 male and 1 female wheelchair accessible bathroom stall as well as a separate private wheelchair washroom.
Do you have Wireless Internet/WiFi?
Yes. All of the rooms in our facility have access to wireless Internet at no additional cost. There are also a limited amount of plugs in each room to accommodate laptops and other power sources if needed.
Where can I book my rental?
You can book your rental through the main office located at 1 Sherwood Dr. Brantford 519-756-1500. Or you may also book your rental through the Community Centres office located at 16 Morrell St. Brantford. 519-752-5509 x1
Will staff be on site during the rental?
Staff will be there to open up to facility, they will remain on site for the entire rental and will be there to assist you during your rental should you have any questions or need access to cleaning supply equipment.
Can I bring in my own caterer?
Yes. We recommend you find your own caterer to bring in and use in our facility. If they are unsure of the amenities available please call the office at 519-752-5509 x1. Our staff would be happy to give them a tour if need be.
What kind of audio equipment do you have?
Our facility is equipped with one room, Room 2 that contains wall-mounted speakers, ceiling mounted LCD unit and projection screen also included is one lapel microphones, a handheld microphone and a cordless microphone. It has one DVD player, a CD player and hookup for a computer. We also have a portable LCD unit and portable individual speakers. Room 1 and the Gym are equipped with a mounted projection screen.
The units can be used in each room if required. The gym contains its own DVD, and CD player unit also included in the Gym is a handheld and cordless microphone.
What is included in your facility’s Kitchen?
Our kitchen has all standard size kitchen appliances including a fridge with freezer, stove, microwave and 3-basin sink. Also available with notice is coffee urns (we have 3- one 100 cup urn, one 55 cup urn, and one 30 cup urn) and a water craft.
Do I need insurance?
Yes. All rental groups no matter how small need rental insurance. It is available for purchase at the time of your rental booking.
How many parking spaces are available?
We have 80 parking spaces at our facility, including 2 handicapped spaces adjacent to the main entrance doors.
Is alcohol allowed in the facility?
No, we do not allow alcohol at this facility.  If you were planning on having an alcohol event, please visit Branlyn, Lion Park and Mohawk Park Pavilion links for information on renting those facilities.
Are there tables and chairs available for use?
Yes. In our facility we have two types of tables, 8 foot rectangular (24 available) and 5 foot round tables (10) available. We have 150 chairs in our facility as well as 6 flip charts but please inquire with the facility supervisor for paper and marker availability.
Where do I pay for my rental?
You may register and pay at the Parks and Recreation Main Office located on 1 Sherwood Drive Brantford, 519-756-1500 or please call the Community Centre office to arrange a meeting with the Community Centre Supervisor at 519-752-5502 ext 1.
What rental do SOCAN fees apply to?
Any event that is base on the use of music will be charged a SOCAN fee. This includes weddings, fitness classes, musical plays, dances, and more.