Brantford’s excellence in horticulture is something the whole community is proud of. Parks staff are continually looking for new and exciting ways to improve our floral displays.

Since the mid to late 50’s we have been very proud of a special planting we do that is referred to as “carpet bedding”. It is one dimensional planting using primarily foliage plants. We have used these plantings to recognize milestones of local and international organizations from Poland’s Millennium to the Year of the Veteran.

Today organizations can apply to be recognized through these plantings by contacting the Parks and Recreation office.

In 2001 we took the next step in specialty plantings and created a Mosaiculture. The origin of this type of planting dates back to the 16th and 17th century. It’s a combination of several art forms that can be done in one, two or three dimensions. The partnership of the creator/sculptor of the steel frame and the horticulturalist can create some spectacular living pieces of art.

Our first piece was to recognize the “Year of the Volunteer”. They were three- dimensional V’s. These were OK as first attempts but were a learning experience.

We have gone on to create the Peacock, the Bonsai Tree and this year a large turtle. Staff have worked very hard to make this program a success.


Photo Album

  • A flower bed in Lorne Park which has a treble clef made out of flowers Musical inspired beds at Lorne Park
  • A peacock formed in a circle flower bed surrounded by grassy area The proud peacock
  • A rear angle of the peacock in the centre island bed between West and Market Street, surrounded by grassy area and hedges The peacock located on West and Clarence directly across from the Brantford train station in full summer blooom
  • Horticulture staff preparing a wire cage in front of brown brick building Staff working at designing the next mosaiculture feature
  • Wire form being prepared by staff beside brown brick buildingWire form being prepared by staff beside brown brick building
  • Flower bed surrounded by grass showing a bunny rabbit and turtle character created from wire and plants Children and adults love the creative characters around the City!
  • A large turtle made from wire cage and plants beside three flag poles surrounded by grassy area and two small trees The famous turtle by a local ice cream shop!
  • An aerial view of the mosaiculture turtle showing the different colours and intricate work on the back The beautiful detail of the turtle makes him a favourite in the City!