Street Excavation Permit 

A Street Excavation Permit is required for all excavation work carried out within City street rights-of-way (includes excavation of streets, curb & gutter and sidewalks). Prior to beginning work, the contractor must obtain a Street Excavation Permit by completing the process as outlined below.

How do I know if I need a street excavation permit?

A utility company, contractor or any other agencies, companies or individuals who need to work within the public right-of-way require a Street Excavation Permit.

Is there a cost for a street excavation permit?

Restoration and inspection fees are charged in accordance with the Annual Fees and Charges By-law. Review the 2017 Street Excavation Permit Procedure for specific costs.

Please note that the fees and charges are based on the type of street excavation and there are minimum charges on street excavations.

Applying for Street Excavation Permit

The following steps must be completed when applying for a street excavation permit.

2018 Street Excavation Permit Procedure full details and applicable fees (PDF Format)

Street Excavation Permit Application (PDF Format)