Zoning Bylaw 

Brantford's Zoning Bylaw (No. 160-90) provides detailed information to control the development of properties within the city. The bylaw regulates many aspects of development, including the permitted uses of property, the location, size, and height of buildings, as well as parking and open space requirements.  The bylaw is continually evolving as council and citizens apply changes and updates to the material.

For general information on the role of zoning bylaws and land use planning, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has created a Citizen Guides to Land-use Planning. For questions on Brantford's zoning bylaw, please contact the Planning Department.

The former County of Brant lands that joined Brantford on January 1, 2017 remain subject to policies contained in the County of Brant Zoning Bylaw.

Printed copies of the bylaw are available from the Planning Department for $65.

Zoning Bylaw Documents

Zoning Bylaw:

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