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At BrantJobs we truly believe that labour market success is firmly rooted in the local community.  Our desire is to understand the community that we serve and deliver tools and resources capable of opening new opportunities for both employers and job seekers.

Navigating through BrantJobs, you will encounter a unique online experience.  BrantJobs provides you with a powerful array of industry standard features and functionality specifically tuned to the needs and expectations of the local labour market.  Coupled with this functionality, you can access a wide variety of local labour market and career information resources.

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BrantJobs offers the perfect mix of tools, features, and local resources to support your employment, recruitment, or retention needs.  As municipal service, any of the features and functionality of BrantJobs are accessible without fee to local employers and job seekers.  

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Managing the dynamics of a workforce poses enough challenges to any organization. Recruitment shouldn’t be one of them. That is where BrantJobs comes in.

BrantJobs extends the reach of your organization into the local labour market with powerful, simple, and effective tools and resources. BrantJobs delivers greater control and efficiencies to help you post available positions, manage multiple user accounts, leverage retention strategies, and access employment and market information.

Today, BrantJobs remains the primary vehicle for employment postings and labour market information in Brantford and the County of Brant. As a municipal service, the programs of BrantJobs are accessible without any user fee to all local employers.

Discover how BrantJobs can support your workforce strategies by simplifying the recruitment process, lowering costs, and increasing awareness of the local labour market. For more information on accessing these or additional employer services including job fairs, recruitment facilities, screening, and retention support, please visit

Visit the BrantJobs website in a new browser window.