Amusement Arcades 

Amusement Arcades

"Amusement Arcades" means any place, other than premises licensed pursuant to the Liquor Licence Act, where four or more amusement devices are provided and a fee is charged for their use in any manner whatsoever.

"Amusement Device" means any machine, device, or contrivance for playing any game of chance or skill or of mixed chance and skill which is used to afford entertainment or amusement to the player of the device and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes what is commonly known as a pinball game, an electronic game and a video game, but does not include pool tables, billiard tables and bowling alleys, table games or slot machines.

Amusement Arcades - Business Licensing Fees
New Renewal Transfer
$448 $344 Contact the Clerks Department as fee's may be associated


Email the Business Licensing Department

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