As defined in the Pawnbrokers Act, means a person who carries on the business of taking by way of pawn or pledge any article for the repayment of money lent there on.  The “pawner” means a person who delivers an article for pawn to a pawnbroker; the “pledge” means an article pawned with a pawnbroker; and the “shop” includes any place where the business of a pawnbroker is carried on. 

A $2,000.00 security is required for any new Pawnbroker establishment.  The location of the Pawnbroker must be operated within the provisions of the City’s Zoning Bylaw 160-90.  Applications are circulated to the respective department(s) as per the associated Bylaw for comment and/or inspection.


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Pawnbrokers - Business Licensing Fees
New       Renewal Transfer
$483 $201 Contact the Clerks Department as fee's may be associated

Email the Business Licensing Department

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