Personal Service Setting -Tattoo/Scarification/Body Piercing, Electrolysis 

"Body Piercing" means the practice of inserting jewelry, ornaments or other items not required for medical purposes into human tissue, including but not limited to the ear, with a needle, ear-piercing gun or other implement.

"Electrolysis" business is any premise which practices the removing of hair by conducting an electric current through a needle that has been inserted into the hair follicle.

"Scarification" means the practice of cutting or abrading the skin in order to bring about permanent scarring and may include implants beneath the skin.

"Tattooing" means the practice of permanently depositing pigments into the skin by the use of needles or other implement. 

A separate licence is required for each premises.  The location of the business to be licensed must be operated within the provisions of the City’s Zoning Bylaw 160-90.  Applications are circulated to the respective department(s) as per the associated Bylaw for comment and/or inspection.

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$450 $224 Contact the Clerks Department as fee's may be associated



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