Lottery Group Eligibility 

To be eligible to receive a lottery licence, an organization must first have charitable purposes and objects that fall within one of the four classifications of charitability.

a) The Relief of Poverty
b) The Advancement of Education
c) The Advancement of Religion
d) Other Charitable Purposes Beneficial to the Community, not falling under a) b) or c)

An organization must also demonstrate that for a minimum of one year it has carried out charitable activities that provide a direct benefit to Ontario residents, which are consistent with their mandate.

Determining an organization’s eligibility for lottery licensing is a complex process. A licensing official must consider all circumstances to determine which of the organization’s purposes or objects and activities fall within one of the four charitable classifications. It is not sufficient to look at an organization’s purposes to decide whether it qualifies as charitable: it is also necessary to look at the organization’s activities.

Licensing officials must make eligibility decisions on a case-by-case basis, by considering the specific circumstances of each organization. Licensing officials must determine the eligible uses of lottery proceeds for each organization by examining the charitable classification of the organization’s purposes or objects and activities. For example, an organization that has not demonstrated that it has an object that falls within the “Relief of Poverty” cannot use lottery proceeds to operate a food bank.

Some organizations have objects or purposes and activities that fall within more than one of the four charitable classifications. In this case, eligible uses of lottery proceeds may also fall within more than one of the four classifications.

The Lottery Group Eligibility application with a list of suggested supporting documents is below.  The application is the first step in being evaluated as a possible eligible lottery group. 

The Eligibility reviews for new groups takes approximately 2 weeks to be conducted; highly dependant on all of the necessary material being provided. Additional information may be requested.  Annual Eligibility updates of changed or amended documents, programs, etc. are required by each active group once deemed eligible to conduct lotteries. 

Any questions, please contact the City Clerks office at 519-759-4150.

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