Lottery Gaming 

In Canada, all authority to licence gaming activity flows from provisions in the Criminal Code (Canada).  In 1969, the Government of Canada amended the Criminal Code (Canada) making it possible for eligible charitable and religious organizations to conduct and manage lottery schemes under a licence issued by the appropriate provincial authority.

Based on the authority conferred by the Criminal Code, the Government of Ontario has passed an Order-in-Council, delegating its authority to licence charitable gaming events to:

  • the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming, and
  • municipal councils.

The Registrar has the authority to licence all types of approved lottery events. Municipal councils may licence certain types of approved lottery events.

The Registrar issues a specific set of rules, known as the terms and conditions, to regulate each type of licensed lottery event. The terms and conditions provide detailed instructions for the conduct and management of licensed lottery events. For example, the terms and conditions govern:

  • the role of the licensee;
  • the types and amounts of prizes to be awarded;
  • rules of play;
  • licence fees;
  • banking guidelines; and
  • reporting requirements.

The Registrar may impose additional terms and conditions to any lottery licence, as necessary. A municipal council may impose additional terms and conditions to any lottery licence it issues, provided they do not conflict with those of the Registrar. Licensees must observe all the terms and conditions of their lottery licence.

Municipal councils have the authority to issue licences for most lottery events conducted in their communities, including:

  • Bingo events with prize boards of up to $5,500;
  • Raffles with prizes of up to $50,000;
  • Break Open Ticket events that are not conducted in conjunction with another licensed gaming event, and where the tickets are sold within the municipality;
  • Bazaar gaming events; and
  • Media Bingo.


For further information regarding lottery licensing requirement and procedures, contact the City Clerks office at  519-759-4150.

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