Raffles and Bazaars 

Each type of licensed lottery is governed by a specific set of rules known as terms and conditions. From time-to-time, the terms and conditions may change and the legislation may be amended. Anyone to whom these policies apply is responsible for obtaining copies of any amendments to the legislation and any new terms and conditions, standards, directives and information bulletins as they are issued, in order to keep up-to-date with all of the policies set by the Registrar. The policies are available on the AGCO website (links below).


A bazaar is a sale of goods held to raise money for a charity. Municipalities may issue licences to allow eligible organizations to conduct and manage lottery events in conjunction with a bazaar, provided the  lottery events are ancillary to the bazaar itself.

Four types of lottery events are permitted at bazaars:
(a) wheels of fortune (with no more than three wheels, where individual bets do not exceed $2)
(b) bingo (not exceeding $500 in prizes)
(c) raffles and penny auction raffles (not exceeding $500 in prizes)


A raffle is a lottery scheme where tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize in a draw. The different types of raffle schemes are usually identified by the method of determining the winner. Raffle prizes may consist of merchandise or cash, or a combination of the two.

A raffle can be one of the following permitted raffle lottery events:
(a) Stub Draw
(b) Elimination Draw
(c) Calendar Draw
(d) “Golf Ball Drop” Raffle Lottery
(e) Rubber Duck Race
(f) 50/50 Draw
(g) Blanket Raffle Licence
(h) Meat Spin/Turkey Roll
(i) “Name the Raffle” lottery
(j) Bossy Bingo/Cow Patty Bingo

Municipalities are able to issue licences permitting eligible organizations to conduct raffle lotteries where the total value of the prizes to be awarded, including any taxes is $50,000 or less.


The completed application for a raffle  and bazaar (available below) must be submitted with the required documentation for review prior to a licence being issued.  An instruction sheet is available below for assistance in completing the application.  This may take 2 weeks to process. 

Please note: prior to submitting a licence application, the group must be deemed eligible to conduct lotteries (Lottery Group Eligibility) and be in compliance with any previous reporting requirements. 

Licence Fee

3% of the retail value of all merchandise prizes and/or cash value to be given away up to a maximum of $50,000

Licence Reports

All groups must submit a Licence report within 30 days of the closing of the Raffle or Bazaar event.  Items such as receipts for expenses, lottery trust account statements, name and address of winner(s) and funds disbursement information are required with the report.  It is important to keep track of the financial particulars over the course of the Licence, especially when the raffle extends a significant time period.  An information sheet and reconciliation report are below.

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