Starting A Business 

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At this point in your development as an entrepreneur, you've determined you have the right stuff to be a business owner or partner. You've asked yourself the right questions and gotten the answers. You're ready to begin. Now what?

Our Starting a Business section will give you the tools and resources to forge ahead.  At this stage of the game, you need to know about business structure and registration, how to register your business name, what regulations apply to you, what taxes you'll have to pay and of course, how the Business Resource Centre can help you get moving.

To that end, we have compiled information in response to questions asked by the budding entrepreneurs.

Click to open our Resource Links page to view topics related to your business. The links are provided by the Government of Canada, Canada Business Network.

Starting Your Business Checklist

Starting Your Business ChecklistThere are many details you need to take care of before you officially open for business.

In order to be successful and to meet  government requirements,  before you open your doors, you need to ensure that all of your bases are covered.

Click to print a PDF copy of the “Starting Your Business Checklist”