Contract Awards 

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Project Document Information
Project NumberDescriptionClosing DateAwarded ToAwarded DateAwarded Amount
RFD 13-137Notice of ProjectSeptember 04,2013Try RecyclingSeptember 30,2013$8.05/Tonne
RFP 12-150Notice of ProjectJanuary 24,2013G-Tel EngineeringMay 17,2013Various
RFP 12-159Notice of ProjectJanuary 10,2013Deloitte Inc.September 30,2013
RFP 12-163Notice of ProjectJanuary 29,2013Blueplan Engineering Consultants LimitedSeptember 30,2013$458,534.00
RFP 13-07Notice of ProjectMarch 22,2013GL Associates May 27,2013$169,500.00
RFP 13-101Notice of ProjectJune 25,2013Grey AdvertisingJuly 15,2013$78,225.00
RFP 13-102Notice of ProjectJuly 05,2013Amec Americas Ltd. July 19,2013$359,623.00
RFP 13-103Notice of ProjectJuly 08,2013Insyght EngineeringSeptember 30,2013
RFP 13-107Notice of ProjectJuly 18,2013GenivarSeptember 30,2013$163,790.00
RFP 13-108Notice of ProjectAugust 08,2013The Planning PartnershipSeptember 30,2013$198,640.15
RFP 13-109Notice of ProjectSeptember 04,2013AECOM Canada Ltd. September 30,2013
RFP 13-126Notice of ProjectSeptember 12,2013Millard, Rouse & Rosebrugh LLPOctober 31,2013$92,512.50
RFP 13-128Notice of ProjectOctober 17,2013Lagan TechnologiesFebruary 21,2014$871,437.00
RFP 13-135Notice of ProjectAugust 16,2013Associated Engineering Ltd. October 04,2013
RFP 13-147Notice of ProjectDecember 20,2013Pitney Bowes of Canada Ltd. February 06,2014$40,174.60
RFP 13-149Notice of ProjectDecember 02,2013Brinks Canada Ltd. December 18,2013Part A: $52,292.20, Part B: $6,495.00 (Brantford Power)
RFP 13-151Notice of ProjectJanuary 16,2014Delcan CorporationFebruary 06,2014$43,598.00
RFP 13-163Notice of ProjectOctober 30,2013Mayhew & Associates November 28,2013$57,940.00
RFP 13-166Notice of ProjectNovember 14,2013AMEC Environmental December 05,2013$24,394.45
RFP 13-172Notice of ProjectDecember 12,2013AECOM Canada Ltd. December 20,2013$133,165.98
RFP 13-180Notice of ProjectJanuary 16,2014Development Engineering Ltd. January 28,2014$197,230.00
RFP 13-22Notice of ProjectApril 04,2013Part A: Innovative Traffic Solutions, Part B: Tacel Ltd. May 21,2013$24,185.15
RFP 13-32Notice of ProjectMarch 21,2013Util-Assist May 01,2013$109,022.00
RFP 13-62Notice of ProjectMay 29,2013AECOM Canada Ltd. September 30,2013
RFP 13-69Notice of ProjectJune 13,2013Indeco Strategic Consulting Inc.July 16,2013$92,958.00
RFP 13-70Notice of ProjectMay 17,2013New World Park SolutionsMay 24,2013
RFP 13-77 Notice of ProjectJuly 11,2013Pyramid Traffic August 01,2013$5,100.00
RFP 13-79Notice of ProjectAugust 16,2013WalterFedySeptember 12,2013$29,925.00
RFP 13-80Notice of ProjectJune 05,2013Gamsby and Mannerow Ltd. June 25,2013$29,850.00
RFP 13-81Notice of ProjectJune 05,2013KPMGSeptember 30,2013$35,000.00
RFP 13-95Notice of ProjectJune 19,2013Hemson Consulting Ltd. June 27,2013$69,070.00
RFP 13-99Notice of ProjectSeptember 23,2013CH2M Hill Canada Ltd. October 22,2013
RFP 14-06Notice of ProjectJanuary 08,2014Coinamatic Canada Inc. March 27,2014
RFP 14-08Notice of ProjectFebruary 25,2014Essex Energy CorporationMarch 06,2014
RFP 14-13Notice of ProjectFebruary 25,2014BluePlan Engineering ConsultantsMarch 25,2014
RFP 14-18Notice of ProjectFebruary 25,2014Greenlane Environmental and Recycling ServicesMarch 11,2014
RFP 14-27Notice of ProjectMarch 06,2014Bienenstock PlaygroundMarch 27,2014$25,560.00
RFP 14-49Notice of ProjectApril 03,2014Part A: RDS Utility Services Inc. & Part B: Olameter Inc. April 10,2014Part A: $89,227.20 & Part B: $33,792.72
RFPQ 13-98Notice of ProjectJuly 11,2013Vergeer Golf, Gateman MilloyAugust 01,2013
RFQ 13-100Notice of ProjectJuly 08,2013Total Equipment Rentals July 10,2013
RFQ 13-105Notice of ProjectJuly 26,2013Cimco RefrigerationJuly 30,2013
RFQ 13-111Notice of ProjectJuly 25,2013Perras MechanicalAugust 14,2013$13,973.00
RFQ 13-113Notice of ProjectAugust 07,2013Shorewood Furniture August 16,2013$49,059.63
RFQ 13-118Notice of ProjectOctober 17,2013Morleys Contracting & Robert M Simon ConstructionOctober 22,2013Hourly Rates
RFQ 13-122Notice of ProjectAugust 20,2013Tower RestorationSeptember 06,2013$19,200.00
RFQ 13-140Notice of ProjectOctober 02,2013BML Roofing Systems Inc.October 07,2013$39,739.00
RFQ 13-143Notice of ProjectSeptember 23,2013East Court Ford LincolnSeptember 26,2013$70,785.46
RFQ 13-146Notice of ProjectSeptember 19,2013D & D Commercial Property MaintenanceSeptember 23,2013$49,000.00
RFQ 13-148Quotation ResultsOctober 22,2013Stantec Consulting Ltd. October 09,2013$34,140.00
RFQ 13-150Notice of ProjectDecember 05,2013DICAM Landscaping February 05,2014$115,000.00
RFQ 13-156Notice of ProjectNovember 19,2013BGL Contractors Corp. November 28,2013$26,800.00
RFQ 13-158Notice of ProjectOctober 25,2013Horseshow Hill Construction Inc.November 15,2013$49,165.00
RFQ 13-165Notice of ProjectNovember 14,2013Brantford Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Inc.November 15,2013$65,198.74
RFQ 13-170Notice of ProjectDecember 20,2013Crown FireJanuary 13,2014Part A: $38,615.00, Part B: $1,189.00
RFQ 13-175Notice of ProjectDecember 19,2013Best Construction Services Ltd. December 20,2013$30,239.93
RFQ 13-25Notice of ProjectApril 08,2013East Court Ford LincolnApril 26,2013$72,724.15
RFQ 13-42Notice of ProjectApril 30,2013PRG CanadaMay 06,2013$17,981.31
RFQ 13-43Notice of ProjectApril 16,2013Brant County FordApril 26,2013$52,558.00
RFQ 13-46Notice of ProjectApril 04,2013LaPrairie Inc.May 01,2013$46,464.00
RFQ 13-48Notice of ProjectApril 18,2013Polefab Inc.May 13,2013$31,956.00
RFQ 13-50Notice of ProjectApril 25,2013Sid Shear Ltd. May 01,2013$207.56/Banner
RFQ 13-52Notice of ProjectApril 30,2013JB Landscape May 06,2013Various
RFQ 13-57Notice of ProjectJune 18,2013Aatel CommunicationsJune 20,2013$10,632.50
RFQ 13-58Notice of ProjectApril 30,2013Paulsan ConstructionMay 02,2013$25,485.00
RFQ 13-73Notice of ProjectJune 13,2013CDW Canada June 19,2013$20,721.41
RFQ 13-76Notice of ProjectJune 17,2013DeLanges Garden World June 20,2013$105,120.67
RFQ 13-88Notice of ProjectJune 24,2013Damar Security SystemsJune 28,2013$40,133.40
RFQ 13-90Notice of ProjectJuly 05,2013Quest AutomotiveJuly 12,2013$64,617.60
RFQ 13-92Notice of ProjectJune 14,2013Southern Ontario Water Conditioning AKA CulliganJune 01,2013
RFQ 14-03Notice of ProjectFebruary 20,2014EHS Canada March 04,2014$1,944.00
RFQ 14-05Notice of ProjectJanuary 15,2014C2C Uniforms March 01,2014$29,852.50
RFQ 14-10Notice of ProjectJanuary 23,2014Frontop Engineering Ltd. January 31,2014$13,585.00
RFQ 14-11Notice of ProjectFebruary 20,2014Gracious Living CorporationFebruary 21,2014
RFQ 14-12Notice of ProjectJanuary 30,2014Brant TractorFebruary 05,2014Part A: $16,135.00, Part B: $18,080.00
RFQ 14-14Notice of ProjectFebruary 25,2014La Prairie Inc. February 26,2014$26,475.60
RFQ 14-17Notice of ProjectFebruary 06,2014Voice N Cloud February 12,2014$48,191.70
RFQ 14-19Notice of ProjectMarch 13,2014IEC GroupMarch 18,2014$17,413.83
RFQ 14-25Notice of ProjectFebruary 25,2014Stricklands Brantford Chevrolet, Buick & CadillacMarch 08,2014$27,214.00
RFQ 14-30Notice of ProjectMarch 18,2014IEC Group Inc. March 25,2014$21,254.75
RFQ 14-36Notice of ProjectMarch 21,2014SHI Canada ULCMarch 25,2014$38,412.25
RFQ 14-37Notice of ProjectMarch 13,2014Wal-Mart Vision CentreMarch 21,2014$37,638.00
RFQ 14-41Notice of ProjectMarch 20,2014Sherwood Systems April 08,2014$28,795.00
RFQ 14-46Notice of ProjectMarch 21,2014Brant TractorApril 07,2014$26,475.00
RFQ 14-59Notice of ProjectApril 07,2014Dulux PaintsApril 15,2014$9,920.00
RFT 13-104Notice of ProjectAugust 06,2013Crawford Roofing CorporationAugust 23,2013$247,500.00
RFT 13-110Notice of ProjectAugust 08,2013Sousa ConcreteAugust 13,2013$78,490.00
RFT 13-112Notice of ProjectJuly 29,2013Langley Utilities Contracting Ltd.August 06,2013$64,496.00
RFT 13-117Notice of ProjectAugust 01,2013Navacon Construction Inc.August 21,2013$432,873.50
RFT 13-120Notice of ProjectAugust 15,2013Dufferin Construction CompanyAugust 23,2013$162,667.00
RFT 13-123Notice of ProjectAugust 22,2013Sousa ConcreteSeptember 03,2013$250,497.15
RFT 13-124Notice of ProjectAugust 23,2013Terracon Underground Ltd.August 23,2013$249,004.77
RFT 13-132Notice of ProjectAugust 30,2013Morley's Contracting (Brantford) Ltd.September 16,2013$132,649.92
RFT 13-134Notice of ProjectOctober 10,2013L.J. Barton MechanicalOctober 24,2013$151,533.00
RFT 13-136Notice of ProjectSeptember 11,2013Vergeer GolfSeptember 24,2013$543,280.27
RFT 13-138Notice of ProjectOctober 03,20134M Services & Mountveiw ServicesOctober 23,2013Various
RFT 13-139Notice of ProjectSeptember 26,2013Titanium Contracting Inc.October 04,2013$137,859.89
RFT 13-141Notice of ProjectOctober 01,20132110966 Ontario Ltd., 4M Services, ABC EnterprisesOctober 09,2013Various
RFT 13-155Notice of ProjectOctober 24,2013Safelink CorporationJanuary 28,2014$430,000.00
RFT 13-157Notice of ProjectNovember 21,2013UniFirst CanadaDecember 03,2013$26,360.15
RFT 13-159Notice of ProjectNovember 07,2013A-1 Asphalt MaintenanceNovember 15,2013$150,273.94
RFT 13-160Notice of ProjectNovember 30,2013Scalar Decisions Inc.November 19,2013$160,918.53
RFT 13-162Notice of ProjectOctober 31,2013Cedar Springs Landscape GroupNovember 05,2013
RFT 13-168Notice of ProjectNovember 28,2013DM Urban-Scape Developments o/a Sheffield ContractingDecember 19,2013$516,348.00
RFT 13-169Notice of ProjectNovember 28,2013Fame Janitorial Maintenace December 24,2013$92,292.00
RFT 13-182Notice of ProjectDecember 18,2013Entec Watse Management December 20,2013$284,250.00
RFT 13-36Notice of ProjectSeptember 11,2013Collaborative Structures LimitedSeptember 18,2013$449,300.00
RFT 13-40Notice of ProjectApril 18,2013B&B Mechanical ServicesMay 01,2013$115,600.00
RFT 13-44Notice of ProjectApril 16,2013Coco PavingMay 02,2013$212,870.00
RFT 13-45Notice of ProjectApril 16,2013Brant County ConcreteMay 02,2013$75,650.00
RFT 13-54Notice of ProjectMay 06,2013Autoform ContractingMay 15,2013$519,547.30
RFT 13-59Notice of ProjectApril 25,2013IEC Group Inc.May 02,2013$93,805.60
RFT 13-63Notice of ProjectMay 16,2013VariousMay 31,2013Various
RFT 13-64Notice of ProjectMay 24,2013McGowan Insulations Ltd. May 29,2013$165,000.00
RFT 13-65Notice of ProjectMay 15,2013Spectra AdvertisingMay 30,2013$110,480.00
RFT 13-68Notice of ProjectMay 16,2013Cosway ExcavationMay 23,2013$799,944.30
RFT 13-74Notice of ProjectJune 13,2013Morleys Contracting June 19,2013$1,089,639.52
RFT 13-78Notice of ProjectJune 06,2013Euro-Ex ConstructionJune 10,2013$132,850.00
RFT 13-83Notice of ProjectJuly 11,2013Marley's Cleaning & PaintingJune 11,2013$95,722.80
RFT 13-84Notice of ProjectJune 21,2013The ElectriciansJune 26,2013$86,360.00
RFT 13-89Notice of ProjectJune 13,2013E&E Seegmiller Ltd. June 14,2013$800,033.12
RFT 13-91Notice of ProjectJune 14,2013Coco PavingJune 14,2013$1,034,314.43
RFT 13-94Notice of ProjectJune 20,2013A-1 Asphalt Maintenance June 27,2013$52,803.60
RFT 13-97Notice of ProjectJune 20,2013Euro Ex ConstructionJuly 03,2013$599,010.43
RFT 14-07Notice of ProjectJanuary 08,2014GenProJanuary 28,2014$114,114.00
RFT 14-09Notice of ProjectJanuary 10,2014McLaren Press Graphics January 17,2014$59,597.00
RFT 14-15Notice of ProjectJanuary 30,2014Quest Automotive Leasing February 10,2014$532,327.44
RFT 14-23Notice of ProjectFebruary 27,2014Cedar Springs LandscapingMarch 17,2014$160,778.50
RFT 14-24Notice of ProjectFebruary 26,2014DeLanges Garden World March 10,2014$73,775.00
RFT 14-28Notice of ProjectMarch 27,2014E&E SeegmillerApril 08,2014$7,615,416.12
RFT 14-39Notice of ProjectMarch 27,2014Paulsan Construction Inc. April 03,2014$125,000.00
RFT 14-42Notice of ProjectMarch 20,2014Fame Janitorial Maintenance March 21,2014$168,096.00
RFT 14-43Notice of ProjectMarch 20,2014Morleys Contracting March 24,2014$248,641.54
RFT 14-44Notice of ProjectMarch 21,2014GC Duke Equipment March 28,2014$78,900.00
RFT 14-52Notice of ProjectMarch 28,2014Pipeflo Contracting Corp. April 15,2014$141,335.00
RFT 14-54Notice of ProjectApril 03,2014R.F. Almas Company Ltd. April 16,2014$402,355.95