Contract Awards 

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Project Document Information
Project NumberDescriptionClosing DateAwarded ToAwarded DateAwarded Amount
EOI 15-134ResultsSeptember 04,2015Creative Outdoor AdvertisingDecember 21,2015
RFP 15-108ResultsNovember 27,2015Questica Inc.June 20,2016
RFP 15-110ResultsOctober 02,2015IBI GroupOctober 27,2015$145,013.69
RFP 15-139ResultsNovember 05,2015Wessuc Inc.December 08,2015$842,520.00
RFP 15-144ResultsOctober 06,2015J.L. Richards & AssociatesDecember 31,2015$168,000.00
RFP 15-146ResultsOctober 09,2015Streetseen MediaFebruary 29,2016Revenue Generating
RFP 15-154ResultsOctober 27,2015First Nations Engineering Services Ltd.December 07,2015$33,945.00
RFP 15-156ResultsOctober 13,2015Efficiency Engineering Inc.November 25,2015$28,400.00
RFP 15-167ResultsNovember 05,2015The Letter M MarketingNovember 30,2015$44,290.00
RFP 15-62ResultsAugust 27,2015Econolite Canada Inc.December 29,2015$97,800.00
RFP 15-80ResultsNovember 19,2015Stantec Consulting Ltd.December 08,2015$55,722.00
RFQ 15-135ResultsOctober 09,2015Part A: Fanchem, Part B: Sulco Chemicals. Part C: UBA Inc.November 27,2015As Per Unit Prices
RFQ 15-153ResultsSeptember 24,2015Bestco Construction (2006) Ltd.October 29,2015$46,438.00
RFQ 15-158ResultsOctober 29,2015AECOMDecember 31,2015$66,695.00
RFQ 15-159ResultsOctober 20,2015GM BluePlan Engineering LimitedOctober 30,2015$68,987.00
RFQ 15-161ResultsOctober 16,2015CIMA Canada Inc.October 30,2015$146,580.00
RFQ 15-164ResultsOctober 19,2015Part A, B, C, D: R.L. Lancaster Construction LimitedNovember 12,2015Part A: $665.00 Part B: $1,230.00 Part C: $500.00 Part D: $915.00
RFQ 15-165ResultsOctober 19,2015E3 Laboratories Inc.October 27,2015$10,798.00
RFQ 15-166ResultsOctober 29,2015R. L. Lancaster Construction LimitedDecember 10,2015$45,220.00
RFQ 15-170ResultsNovember 13,2015HighVail Systems Inc.November 24,2015$198,894.38
RFQ 15-99ResultsOctober 16,2015AlpineStar Landscaping Ltd.October 30,2015$63,700.00
RFT 15-147ResultsSeptember 18,2015Gen-ProOctober 30,2015$186,186.00