Contract Awards 

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Project Document Information
Project NumberDescriptionClosing DateAwarded ToAwarded DateAwarded Amount
RFP 14-117Notice of ProjectJune 19,2014John George Associates July 09,2014$40,770.00
RFP 14-123Notice of Project August 07,2014Horizon Energy SolutionsSeptember 05,2014$28,080.00
RFP 14-134Notice of ProjectAugust 19,2014R.J. Burnside & Associates September 08,2014$44,468.00
RFP 14-138Notice of ProjectAugust 21,2014Huron Geomatics Inc.September 16,2014$114,836.80
RFP 14-144Notice of ProjectOctober 02,2014Distributech Inc.May 26,2015
RFP 14-148Notice of ProjectAugust 28,2014Moon Matz Consulting Ltd. September 26,2014$67,890.00
RFP 14-154Notice of Project September 25,2014Vanderwestern RutherfordOctober 31,2014$11,600.00
RFP 14-159Notice of Project October 16,2014AECOM Canada Ltd. November 03,2014$77,029.00
RFP 14-165Notice of Project November 13,2014Achieva HealthFebruary 20,2015$119,340.00
RFP 14-181Notice of Project December 16,2014GM BluePlan Engineering LtdJanuary 23,2015$46,972.01
RFP 14-183Notice of ProjectDecember 11,2014R.J. Burnside & Associates LimitedJanuary 19,2015$49,991.20
RFP 14-184Notice of Project December 15,2014AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment & InfrastructureJanuary 15,2015$46,190.00
RFP 14-185Notice of Project January 28,2015Milestone Environmental ContractingFebruary 24,2015$14,715,519.00
RFP 14-32Notice of ProjectMarch 20,2014Coca-Cola CompanySeptember 01,2014
RFP 14-34Notice of ProjectOctober 23,2014Brantford Welcome In Resource CentreFebruary 17,2015$508,584.00
RFP 14-47Notice of ProjectApril 03,2014WSP Canada Inc. June 02,2014$13,860.00
RFP 14-83Notice of ProjectJune 05,2014Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. September 03,2014$544,350.00
RFP 14-88Notice of ProjectMay 22,2014Utilismart CorporationJune 24,2014$28,098.00
RFP 14-91Notice of ProjectJune 05,2014Part A) New World Park Solutions Part B) PlayPower CanadaJune 20,2014
RFP 14-96Notice of ProjectAugust 27,2014WSP Canada Inc. September 17,2014$98,345.00
RFP 15-02Notice of ProjectFebruary 26,2015Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (Hamilton)March 17,2015$153,036.00
RFP 15-15Notice of ProjectFebruary 26,2015WSP Canada Inc.March 25,2015$19,711.00
RFP 15-19Notice of ProjectFebruary 25,2015Dr. Jacques GouwsMarch 26,2015
RFP 15-54Bid NoticeApril 23,2015D.A. Campbell Amusements Ltd.April 30,2015Revenue Generating
RFPQ 14-189List of Prequalified ContractorsJanuary 19,2015February 17,2015
RFPQ 14-189Notice of Project January 19,2015See List of Prequalified ContractorsFebruary 17,2015
RFQ 14-101Notice of ProjectJune 12,2014Tenequip Ltd.August 14,2014$12,448.00
RFQ 14-102Notice of Project July 31,2014Part A: Owl-Lite, Part B: Strada Sign Supply Inc. August 01,2014Part A: $40,877.45, Part B: $20,032.50
RFQ 14-107Notice of ProjectJune 06,2014Welmar Recreation Products June 17,2014$58,675.30
RFQ 14-108Notice of ProjectJune 06,2014A-1 Asphalt MaintenanceJuly 11,2014$43,588.44
RFQ 14-111Notice of ProjectJune 12,2014McGowan Office Interiors June 17,2014$13,358.10
RFQ 14-115Notice of ProjectJune 24,2014Part A, B, C & E - Care All Cleaning, Part D - Green Care JanitorialJune 26,2014Part A: $11, 964.00, Part B: $8,832.00, Part C: $19,200.00, Part D: $7,999.92, Part E: $24,180.00
RFQ 14-125Notice of ProjectJuly 11,2014Brampton Painting Co. Ltd. July 15,2014$9,000.00
RFQ 14-127Notice of Project July 30,2014Brant County Ford Sales LTDAugust 06,2014$56,629.00
RFQ 14-139Notice of ProjectAugust 11,2014Ekum-Sekum Inc. O/A Brantco ConstructionAugust 13,2014$39,447.70
RFQ 14-140Notice of ProjectSeptember 11,2014Millenium Printing October 25,2014$31,000.00
RFQ 14-145Notice of ProjectAugust 25,2014BML Multi Trades Groups October 06,2014$82,700.00
RFQ 14-147Notice Of ProjectAugust 21,2014East Court Ford LincolnAugust 28,2014$34,468.00
RFQ 14-149Notice of Project October 01,2014E3 Laboratories Inc. October 14,2014$21,807.00
RFQ 14-150Notice of ProjectSeptember 10,2014Brant County Ford Sales September 19,2014$58,990.00
RFQ 14-151Notice of ProjectSeptember 05,2014Victory Ford LincolnSeptember 15,2014$69,542.73
RFQ 14-156Notice of Project November 06,2014Brantford Chevrolet BuickNovember 07,2014$40,286.00
RFQ 14-162Notice of Project October 15,2014Lanca Contracting LimitedOctober 27,2014$45,750.00
RFQ 14-163Notice of ProjectOctober 03,2014JB Landscape ConstructionOctober 21,2014$6,800.00
RFQ 14-166Notice of ProjectOctober 15,2014Lanca Contracting LimitedOctober 30,2014
RFQ 14-168Notice of ProjectOctober 23,2014Carrier Mausoleums Construction Inc. October 30,2014$30,995.00
RFQ 14-171Notice of ProjectOctober 24,2014JB Landscape Construction Ltd. October 31,2014$38,919.80
RFQ 14-175Notice of ProjectNovember 03,2014DSK Management ServicesNovember 19,2014$23,010.00
RFQ 14-177Notice of Project November 07,2014Tom Kovacs Electrical Service December 23,2014$28,400.00
RFQ 14-180Notice of Project December 10,2014CSL Group Ltd.December 16,2014$39,200.00
RFQ 14-182Notice of Project December 16,2014Superior Boiler Works and Welding December 22,2014$27,817.00
RFQ 14-190Notice of Project December 18,2014McKenzie Electric December 23,2014
RFQ 14-82Notice of ProjectSeptember 19,20148 Days A WeekOctober 10,2014$17,800.00
RFQ 14-84Notice of ProjectMay 29,2014Quest Automotive LeasingMay 30,2014$16,894.00
RFQ 14-92Notice of ProjectMay 30,2014Part A: La Prairie, Part B: Nedco June 03,2014Part A: $7000.00, Part B: $19,121.00
RFQ 14-94Notice of ProjectMay 20,2014Greenlawn Ltd. May 30,2014$19,500.00
RFQ 14-99Notice of ProjectMay 22,2014Fame Janitorial Maintenance May 28,2014$83,999.40
RFQ 15-08Notice of Project January 13,2015Reliable Pest ControlFebruary 05,2015As per Unit Prices
RFQ 15-24Bid NoticeMay 14,2015R.L. Lancaster Construction LimitedMay 25,2015$39,250.00
RFQ 15-27Notice of ProjectFebruary 26,2015Stresscrete LimitedMarch 03,2015$80,850.00
RFQ 15-28Notice of ProjectMarch 11,2015Nasiruddin Engineering LimitedMarch 24,2015$66,951.50
RFQ 15-31Bid NoticeApril 14,2015GreenCare Janitorial Systems Ltd.April 27,2015$20,160.00
RFQ 15-32Bid NoticeMarch 20,2015Alliance Agri-Turf Inc.March 31,2015As per Unit Prices
RFQ 15-33Bid NoticeMarch 27,2015Battlefield Equipment Rentals - Division of Toromont IndustriesApril 02,2015$32,364.00
RFQ 15-40Bid NoticeMarch 07,2015Telecom ComputerApril 09,2015
RFQ 15-42Bid NoticeApril 09,2015Paris Construction CompanyApril 16,2015As per Unit Prices
RFQ 15-47Bid NoticeApril 10,2015Crestline Coach Ltd.April 30,2015$369,947.25
RFQ 15-50Bid NoticeMay 13,2015Town & Country FencingMay 25,2015
RFQ 15-53Bid NoticeApril 16,2015Turf Care Products Canada LimitedApril 30,2015$84,900.00
RFQ 15-55Bid NoticeApril 16,2015G.C. Duke Equipment Ltd.April 30,2015$50,500.00
RFQ 15-59ResultsApril 21,2015Hall Telecommunications SupplyApril 29,2015$7,360.00
RFQ 15-63ResultsApril 21,2015NedcoApril 29,2015$28,781.14
RFT 14-100Notice of ProjectJune 12,2014Rhoddy Design Inc. June 19,2014$271,823.40
RFT 14-104Notice of ProjectJune 16,2014Crestline Coach Ltd. June 18,2014$141,560.00
RFT 14-106Notice of Project June 19,2014M & L Supply, Fire & Safety September 03,2014$335,480.00
RFT 14-109Notice of ProjectJune 18,2014Softchoice LPJuly 02,2014$72,730.33
RFT 14-110Notice of ProjectJune 12,2014Steed and Evans LimitedJuly 07,2014$880,000.00
RFT 14-112Notice of Project July 14,2014Delange's Garden WorldJuly 22,2014$126,281.74
RFT 14-113Notice of ProjectJuly 16,2014Daven GroupJuly 22,2014$111,509.50
RFT 14-114Notice of Project REVISED June 23,2014Eco Living Cleaners Inc.June 27,2014$94,848.00
RFT 14-116Notice of ProjectJune 26,2014Gedco Excavating Ltd. June 30,2014$2,449,181.47
RFT 14-118Notice of ProjectJuly 10,2014Kingdom Construction LimitedJuly 22,2014$1,474,475.00
RFT 14-121Notice of ProjectJuly 04,2014Metro Freightliner Hamilton Inc. July 08,2014$223,200.00
RFT 14-122Notice of ProjectJuly 28,2014Appled Electronics LimitedJuly 31,2014$92,701.00
RFT 14-124Notice of Project July 31,2014The Electricians September 05,2014$60,223.70
RFT 14-126Notice of ProjectJuly 10,2014Cosway Excavation and Construction LimitedJuly 22,2014$419,184.00
RFT 14-129Notice of ProjectJuly 24,2014Cosway Excavation and Construction Ltd. July 29,2014$99,639.00
RFT 14-130Notice of ProjectJuly 31,2014Pipeflo Contracting CorpAugust 05,2014$833,605.00
RFT 14-131Notice of ProjectAugust 11,2014DeLange's Garden World August 19,2014$162,123.00
RFT 14-135Notice of ProjectDecember 15,2014Wellington Construction Contractors Inc.February 05,2015$1,053,200.00
RFT 14-136Notice of ProjectAugust 12,2014Brantco ConstructionAugust 22,2014$192,500.00
RFT 14-141Notice of ProjectSeptember 16,2014Wajax Equipment September 30,2014$366,770.00
RFT 14-146Notice of ProjectSeptember 16,2014BML Roofing Systems September 25,2014$51,870.00
RFT 14-153Notice of Project September 29,2014Lanca Contracting Ltd. October 06,2014$325,050.00
RFT 14-164Notice of ProjectOctober 15,2014PK ConstructionMarch 30,2015$485,311.00
RFT 14-172Notice of ProjectOctober 22,2014JB Landscape Construction Ltd. October 31,2014$233,446.15
RFT 14-174Notice of ProjectNovember 20,2014Les Surfaces Securitaires Carpell Inc.January 13,2015Named supplier in subsequent RFT ($1,097,986.48)
RFT 14-56Notice of ProjectMay 05,2014Part A: Brant News, Part B: The Expositor July 24,2014
RFT 14-72Notice of ProjectMay 22,2014Nortrax Canada June 05,2014$95,696.00
RFT 14-73Notice of ProjectMay 08,2014Best Construction Services Ltd. June 03,2014$85,599.00
RFT 14-76Notice of ProjectMay 29,2014JB Landscape ConstructionJune 17,2014$470,115.00
RFT 14-81Notice of ProjectMay 23,2014Best Guard Security Services June 04,2014$244,352.16
RFT 14-85Notice of ProjectMay 06,2014Clean Shot Environmental ServicesJuly 04,2014$502,191.00
RFT 14-86Revised Notice of ProjectJune 24,2014E&E Seegmiller LimitedJuly 04,2014$2,627,502.38
RFT 14-90Notice of ProjectJune 12,2014Langley Utlilities ContractingJune 24,2014$238,915.00
RFT 14-93Notice of ProjectJune 12,2014Hardscape Concrete & InterlockJuly 02,2014$114,660.00
RFT 14-97Notice of ProjectJune 10,2014Sousa ConcreteJune 16,2014$101,854.50
RFT 14-98Notice of ProjectMay 22,2014Morleys Contracting June 03,2014$1,125,889.58
RFT 15-01Notice of ProjectJanuary 15,2015Part A & B - CANCELLED Part C Awarded to Telecom ComputerJanuary 27,2015
RFT 15-05Notice of Project January 14,2015Part A - BFI Canada Inc. Part B - CancelledJanuary 20,2015Part A - $89,561.96 Part B - Cancelled
RFT 15-09Notice of ProjectFebruary 12,2015Pinnacle Elevator Services Canada Inc.February 18,2015$47,200.00
RFT 15-14Notice of ProjectFebruary 12,2015Adias Impex Ltd. o/a Carpet Plus FlooringMarch 04,2015$49,500.00
RFT 15-21Bid NoticeApril 02,2015Davan Group Inc.April 28,2015$5,882,413.96
RFT 15-22Bid NoticeMarch 26,2015Navacon Construction Inc.April 10,2015$284,813.48
RFT 15-25Bid NoticeApril 08,2015Pipeflo Contracting CorpApril 16,2015$190,550.00
RFT 15-34ResultsMay 04,2015Wessuc inc.May 15,2015$101,782.50
RFT 15-36Bid NoticeMarch 31,2015MJK Construction Inc.April 10,2015$399,358.00
RFT 15-37Bid NoticeMarch 25,2015ERTH Holdings Inc.April 08,2015$366,846.00
RFT 15-39Bid NoticeMarch 18,2015E & E SeegmillerApril 14,2015$2,219,304.00
RFT 15-41Opening ResultsApril 07,2015DeRose Bros. General Contracting Ltd.April 15,2015
RFT 15-43ResultsApril 17,2015Talford Contracting and Construction Inc.April 23,2015$67,336.00
RFT 15-49Bid NoticeApril 07,2015Morley's Contracting (Brantford) Ltd.April 16,2015$541,234.96
RFT 15-52ResultsApril 10,2015Gedco Excavating Ltd.May 20,2015$1288,840.16
RFT 15-58ResultsMay 11,2015Sousa ConcreteMay 14,2015$135,000.00
RFT 15-60Bid NoticeApril 27,2015KPC Power ElectricalApril 30,2015
RFT 15-66Bid NoticeApril 23,2015JB Construction Management CorporationApril 30,2015$239,530.20
RFT 15-70Bid NoticeMay 11,2015Klomps Landscaping May 26,2015$139,457.00