Projects Under Review 

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Project Document Information
Project NumberTitleTypeBuyerIssue Date Closing DateStatus
RFP 13-173Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectRobin NechelputJanuary 31,2014March 06,2014Under Review
RFP 13-66Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectA. MarcosAugust 29,2013September 19,2013Under Review
RFP 14-123Notice of Project Notice of ProjectA. MarcosJuly 17,2014August 07,2014Under Review
RFP 14-134Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectEva CisloJuly 24,2014August 19,2014Under Review
RFP 14-138Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectEva CisloJuly 31,2014August 21,2014Under Review
RFP 14-148Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectA. MarcosAugust 07,2014August 28,2014Under Review
RFP 14-32Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectA. MarcosFebruary 27,2014March 20,2014Under Review
RFP 14-35Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectD. BakkerMay 01,2014May 20,2014Under Review
RFP 14-83Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectRobin NechelputMay 06,2014June 05,2014Under Review
RFP 14-96Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectEva CisloJuly 31,2014August 27,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-101Quotation Results ResultsJ. DavidsonJune 12,2014June 12,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-143Notice Of ProjectNotice of ProjectJ. DavidsonAugust 07,2014August 21,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-145Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectD. BakkerAugust 07,2014August 25,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-145ResultsResultsD. BakkerAugust 25,2014August 25,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-147ResultsResultsEva CisloAugust 21,2014August 21,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-147Notice Of ProjectNotice of ProjectEva CisloAugust 07,2014August 21,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-92Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectJ. DavidsonMay 15,2014May 30,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-92ResultsResultsJ. DavidsonMay 30,2014May 30,2014Under Review
RFT 14-106Notice of Project Notice of ProjectH. HollowayJune 04,2014June 19,2014Under Review
RFT 14-106ResultsResultsH. HollowayJune 19,2014June 19,2014Under Review
RFT 14-124Notice of Project Notice of ProjectEva CisloJuly 17,2014July 31,2014Under Review
RFT 14-124ResultsResultsEva CisloJuly 31,2014July 31,2014Under Review