Projects Under Review 

Project Document Information
Project NumberTitleTypeBuyerIssue Date Closing DateStatus
RFP 13-173Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectT. IacoeJanuary 31,2014March 06,2014Under Review
RFP 13-66Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectA. MarcosAugust 29,2013September 19,2013Under Review
RFP 14-29Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectRobin NechelputFebruary 11,2014March 06,2014Under Review
RFP 14-32Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectA. MarcosFebruary 27,2014March 20,2014Under Review
RFP 14-38Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectD. BakkerFebruary 27,2014March 20,2014Under Review
RFP 14-47Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectA. MarcosMarch 13,2014April 03,2014Under Review
RFP 14-50Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectEva CisloMarch 20,2014April 10,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-45Quotation ResultsResultsH. HollowayMarch 31,2014March 31,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-45Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectH. HollowayMarch 13,2014March 31,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-60Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectD. BakkerMarch 27,2014April 14,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-60Quotation ResultsResultsD. BakkerApril 14,2014April 14,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-63Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectEva CisloApril 03,2014April 16,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-63Quotation ResultsResultsEva CisloApril 16,2014April 16,2014Under Review
RFT 14-48Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectRobin NechelputMarch 13,2014March 27,2014Under Review
RFT 14-48Tender ResultsResultsRobin NechelputMarch 27,2014March 27,2014Under Review
RFT 14-51Tender Results ResultsEva CisloApril 22,2014April 22,2014Under Review
RFT 14-51Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectEva CisloMarch 27,2014April 22,2014Under Review
RFT 14-55Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectRobin NechelputMarch 20,2014April 10,2014Under Review
RFT 14-55Tender ResultsResultsRobin NechelputApril 10,2014April 10,2014Under Review
RFT 14-58Revised Tender ResultsResultsRobin NechelputApril 17,2014April 10,2014Under Review
RFT 14-58Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectRobin NechelputMarch 27,2014April 10,2014Under Review
RFT 14-61Notice of CancellationNotice of ProjectA. MarcosApril 22,2014April 22,2014Under Review
RFT 14-62Tender Results ResultsD. BakkerApril 17,2014April 17,2014Under Review
RFT 14-62Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectD. BakkerMarch 27,2014April 10,2014Under Review