Projects Under Review 

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Project Document Information
Project NumberTitleTypeBuyerIssue Date Closing DateStatus
RFP 14-144Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectH. HollowaySeptember 11,2014October 02,2014Under Review
RFP 14-161Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectA. MarcosOctober 02,2014October 24,2014Under Review
RFP 14-165Notice of Project Notice of ProjectA. MarcosOctober 23,2014November 13,2014Under Review
RFP 14-34Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectJ. DavidsonSeptember 25,2014October 23,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-173Notice of Project Notice of ProjectJ. DavidsonOctober 22,2014November 05,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-173Quotation Results ResultsJ. DavidsonNovember 05,2014November 05,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-175Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectH. HollowayOctober 16,2014November 03,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-175Quotation Results ResultsH. HollowayNovember 03,2014November 03,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-177Notice of Project Notice of ProjectEva CisloOctober 23,2014November 07,2014Under Review
RFQ 14-177Quotation Results ResultsEva CisloNovember 07,2014November 07,2014Under Review
RFT 14-164Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectH. HollowaySeptember 25,2014October 15,2014Under Review
RFT 14-164Tender Results ResultsH. HollowayOctober 15,2014October 15,2014Under Review
RFT 14-174Notice of ProjectNotice of ProjectRobin NechelputOctober 30,2014November 20,2014Under Review
RFT 14-174Tender Results ResultsRobin NechelputNovember 20,2014November 20,2014Under Review