Arts, Culture & Heritage 

An appreciation of a diverse art, culture and heritage environment is really about our past, our family history, knowing about the origins of our community. It helps us to feel proud and gives us identity in relation to the outside world.

Simon Brault in a speech to the Federal-Provincial Culture Ministers’ Conference in Halifax, Oct. 30, 2004 wants communities to: explore ways to utilize arts and heritage in school systems as an agent for development and creativity; Identify and promote innovative initiatives and projects that focus on the contribution of the arts; heritage and culture towards the revitalization of communities.

Source: Canada Council for the Arts - Click to open in a new browser window.

The topics below are outlined in the Arts, Culture & Heritage section of the attached pdf document.

  • Festivals, Performing Arts, & Cultural Sites
  • Library Circulation & Attendance
  • Library Membership & Internet Usage
  • Heritage - Visible Minority Breakdown
  • Heritage - Visible Minorities - Brantford
  • Heritage - Visible Minorities - Brant
  • Heritage - Visible Minorities by Neighbourhood
  • Non-Official Languages Spoken at Home

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