Housing & Shelter 

Housing is a basic human need and a major component of the Canadian economy. Investments in housing facilitate employment growth and job creation with increased business opportunities in a community. The composition of housing choices in a community needs to address both the current needs and the future needs of its population. The housing stock in the Brantford•Brant CMA is distributed as follows:

  • Single-Detached Houses 67.2%
  • Semi-Detached Houses 5.7%
  • Row Houses 6.9%
  • Apartment Duplex 3.2%
  • Apartments < 5 Stories 8.7%
  • Apartment > 5 Stories 7.9%
  • Other Dwellings 0.4%

Well-designed and maintained housing helps to support a sense of community just as run-down housing will tend to erode it. The planning, layout, design and composition of neighbourhood housing makes a valuable contribution that attracts a variety of employers and employees to build and sustain a dynamic and expanding economic base in a community.

The topics below are outlined in the Housing & Shelter section of the attached pdf document.

  • Private Occupied Dwellings
  • Owned Dwellings - Single Detached Homes
  • Average Value - Private Occupied Dwellings
  • Monthly Payments - Owned Dwelling
  • Rented Dwellings
  • Monthly Payments - Rented Dwelling
  • Occupied Private Dwellings Built Before 1986
  • Private Occupied Dwellings Needing Major Repair
  • Social Housing - Affordable Housing
  • Social housing - Supportive Unit Housing
  • Homelessness

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