Many cities across the North America conduct self-assessments to prepare community indicator reports. These reports inform the community of conditions with key statistics defining the quality of life and social well-being. Some reports go much further to rank or rate the community on each statistic then make suggestions at what can be done to make their community a better place.

This 2009 Community Profile of the Brantford•Brant CMA is an introductory indicator report on quality of life. The demographics in this initial report will help our community to get to know itself. The data has been presented at the neighbourhood level not at a higher aggregate level which can mask important variations. Even so, unavoidable gaps in the reported data exist.

The 2009 Brantford•Brant Community Profile Report began with three questions – What makes a great community, are we there yet and what ideas, programs or services will get us there? If you now have answers based on what you have learned, care to comment and / or make suggestions for both indicators and report ideas, please send these to us at

Questions on the statistics included in this document should be referred to the source – Statistics Canada.

To plan for the future indicator reports on well-being or quality of life in our community, our intent is to:

  • take this report out into the broader community to seek improvements to the indicators;
  • develop a strategy to standardize the data and make it comprehensive to the community;
  • map the indicators into the strategic plans of the communities in the Brantford•Brant CMA
    track and trend the demographic information in this report;
  • publish specialized reports by request on social well-being and quality of life indicators from time to time.

A Social Planning Working Group has been meeting since April of 2009. We have developed a mission statement of what we do:

The Social Planning Working Group promotes a safe, healthy and growing community by advocating a “high quality of life” for all residents. Essential community and social supports will be identified and measured through sustainability indicators.

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