August 2016: Robert Lavigne 

Portrait of smiling man, Robert Lavigne.August’s Featured Artist is Robert Lavigne, a Brantford Digital Strategist and podcaster.

Lavigne moved to Brantford in 2011 after visiting the community for the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament. He came specifically to see Kevin Smith, who was recording one of his “Smodcasts” at the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts during the Tournament. Smith’s podcast recording in front of a live audience inspired Lavigne, and he found it fitting that Brantford was also the birthplace of the telephone. He also credits Brantford’s Town Crier, David McKee, as one of his influences.

Lavigne is best known for his popular podcasts, including Social Business Hangout, The Disposable Web, Old Time Hockey, and Getting to Know. He continues to experiment with various forms of podcasting, including audio, video, and recording in front of a live audience. He has interviewed more than 200 people – mostly from the Brantford community – for his various podcast series. One of the highlights of his podcast career has been interviewing Walter Gretzky for Episode 99 of the Social Business Hangout.

He uses a variety of free software, including Garage Band and iMovie. He also spends quite a bit of time in the Brantford Public Library’s Digital Lab, which provides free access to modern equipment, such as: iMacs, Green Screen, video cameras, lights, USB guitar, MIDI keyboard, and a 3D printer.

Although he hates the sound of his own voice, podcasting became a way for him to become more comfortable with his voice while learning about topics that he would not normally inquire about. He enjoys meeting new people, learning new things, and sharing their insights with a global community of listeners. His advice to other performing artists is to “practice, practice, practice,” and it is clear that one often finds success outside of their comfort zone.

Lavigne is currently working on a podcast about hockey where he interviews mostly Old Time hockey players. The first five stories are about the 1977 Brantford Alexanders, the Allan Memorial Cup, the Business of Ice Hockey, Fighting in Ice Hockey, and the 100th Allan Cup.

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