February 2015: Brantford Collegiate Institute: London Fog 

Brantford Collegiate Institute’s Sears Drama Festival Production, London Fog by Emma Tseronis

February’s Featured Artists are the students and staff behind Brantford Collegiate Institute’s Sears Drama Festival production, London Fog; an original play by student Emma Tseronis.

This is the 69th year of the Sears Drama Festival, and BCI students have been participating in the Sears drama festival for many years. We have delivered a variety of plays with a wide array of social, ethical, and educational topics over the years.

London Fog production poster

This year’s play is London Fog. Set in a small but quirky coffee shop, London Fog begins with Lilac Alithia leaving home to move to Paris. Her glamorous plans are cut short when she is brutally murdered and left in the street. Lilac re-appears in the coffee shop run by Edgar, the young owner of the establishment. She encounters numerous characters who, like Lilac, have a story of their own to tell.

Twenty five students are involved in the production, including cast, technical, and artistic roles. All students are working towards their high school diploma, however, the Sears Drama Festival is extracurricular all the time required to complete the production is donated by students and teachers!

Each year a new group of students works on the productions, with some new faces and some familiar. Every student comes to the Sears Festival with different motivations and interest and the group must learn to work together quickly to create a public production in a short period of time. Students have various artistic tools, computers, set pieces, and their teacher advisors to help them create the best production possible. Luckily this year, the author, Emma Tseronis, is a student at the school so she can provide a lot of artistic guidance.

What one tip would students and staff offer other groups seeking to complete a production like this? Nominator Jan St. Denis says, “Putting on a performance is a lot of hard work. There are many people involved, each doing a specific task, and in the end everyone’s work comes together to create a final concrete product. When putting on a production, find the right people to do the right tasks and everything will fall into place.”

Details of production:

February 20 & 21 at 7:00pm
Brantford Collegiate Institute Auditorium, 120 Brant Avenue
$7 for students, $10 for adults

Sears Festival results are announced on Friday, February 27th.

Submitted by: Jan St. Denis, BCI