May 2016: Corrie Bakker 

May 2016’s featured artist is Corrie Bakker of Corrie Michael Photography, an award-winning and published photographer who specializes in custom newborn portraiture.

Bakker has transitioned into newborn photography after a photograph of a newborn in a nest, hanging from a tree, inspired her. At the time, she was a prop vendor in the newborn photography community, and worked closely with photographers to provide props for their sessions. This photograph really struck a chord for her, and she realized, “Wow, I want to do that.” She began to assist with workshops, started practicing her photography on different models, and developed an artistic style that would give her the opportunity to start her own business in 2013. Her business has evolved, and she now offers mentoring workshops, complete action sets, and tests innovative newborn photography products.

Black and white photo of newborn baby, with woman in foreground adjusting blankets around baby. 

Bakker is the mother of 4 children, who continually inspire her to grow in new directions, most recently her “Fairy Garden Mini Sessions,” where she transforms little girls into magical fairies set in breathtaking scenes. Although she likes the occasional creative imagery project, her favourite projects are still the newborn sessions that she is best-known for.

Bakker’s tools of the trade are not just great photography equipment; she notes that an important thing to have in the photography business is a great friend, who will help you to stay on track and not worry about what other people think. Being part of a network of photographers is also one of her most valuable resources, as it’s her peers who help critique her work, and encourage her as she builds her business.

As a new business owner, Bakker reminds emerging photographers to stay true to yourself, stay focused on your vision, and don’t get too discouraged – growth takes time and effort. Each day she gives herself the following 12 reminders, which help her to stay focused on her career as a photographer, but are also great tips for anyone:

  1. Be kind to yourself
  2. Have fun
  3. Work hard
  4. Focus on the process
  5. Pause
  6. Laugh
  7. Respect people
  8. Listen
  9. Be kind to others
  10. Help others
  11. Follow your heart
  12. Take risks

If you’d like to get in touch with Bakker through social media, visit her on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information about Corrie Michael Photography, click here to open their Facebook page in a new browser window.

Photo credit: Corrie Bakker, Corrie Michael Photography.