September 2015: Heather Cardle 

September's Featured Artist is Heather Cardle, a freelance photographer and Brantford resident.

Photograph of eagle soaring over the Grand River

Using only her Canon 6D camera and her aesthetic eye, Cardle captures the beauty that surrounds us daily. She believes that life is simply too short to not stop and appreciate the beauty of the everyday, so she makes a point to capture moments in her life daily.

You may recognize Cardle's photographs as part of her Chick Pic of the Day. Since November 2011, Cardle has been sharing her images using the hashtag #ChickPicOfTheDay. She shoots every day, and posts images capturing local scenes, animals and people, as well as photographs of her travels. Cardle is working freelance on Flight Deck 2015 for the Rotary Charity Airshow (Sep 2), the Brantford International Jazz Festival (Sep 18-20), and a variety of other events in the community.

Her work appears on CD covers, book covers, and promotional materials throughout Brantford and the County of Brant. Cardle can be hired for shoots ranging from weddings, to lifestyle, to landscape photography. Many of her outdoor photographs can be purchased as prints on paper, metal or canvas.

Cardle is constantly learning and developing her craft. Like many artworks, she considers herself to be a "constant work in progress." Grateful that she gets to share her passion by pursuing freelance photography, Cardle's message to budding photographers is to "be unique, be yourself, and don't give up."

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Photo: Heather Cardle, Fishing in the Grand River, May 8, 2015, photograph.