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Name of Project: City of Brantford Children's Memorial Garden
Name of Artist & Artwork: Heather Vollans, "Hope"

The City of Brantford Children's Memorial Garden Study Group was established by City Council in 2011 in order to establish a memorial tribute for children.  A guiding principle of the project was to involve the community, particularly children, in the creation of an artist-led community art piece.  Artist Heather Vollans was selected through an open competition process.  Vollans works primarily in concrete and mosaic mediums, and developed the concept for the piece during workshops with elementary school-aged children.  Over 200 children and community members participated in the design and creation of mosaic elements that were incorporated by Vollans into the "Hope" sculpture. The completed garden was dedicated on June 8, 2013.

For more information about the Children's Memorial Garden, click to open the "Projects & Initiatives" page in a new browser window. 

About Public Art

Public Art celebrates the culture, history, people, events and locations that make our community unique. The City of Brantford recognizes the value of art in public places that reflects the diversity of our community, provides unique attractions for citizens and visitors, and strengthens community pride. 

In 2010, the City adopted its Public Art Policy, which outlines the guiding principles of the City's acquisition, maintenance and management of the Public Art Collection.  Under the Public Art Policy, public art is defined as "art that is acquired by the City of Brantford and displayed in municipally owned public space".  This includes objects such as sculptures, memorials, and murals, but does not include directional signage, mass-produced objects (such as playground equipment), or temporary artwork displays.

The City of Brantford is home to a number of unique and significant historical monuments, such as the Bell Memorial, the Joseph Brant Monument, and the Brant War Memorial.  In addition, new acquisitions such as the Polish War Veterans Memorial and the Children's Memorial Garden sculpture have been added to the collection in recent years.  For a complete list of monuments, please visit the Public Art Collection page.


The City of Brantford's Public Art Program is managed by the Economic Development & Tourism Department.  If you have a question about public art, please contact the Arts & Culture Coordinator at 519-751-9900 or by email at culture@brantford.ca


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