Mobile Signs 

The City designated six mobile sign sites that non-profit and charitable organizations, community groups, public institutions, and community based agencies can use to promote community events and programs. User Groups can book two mobile sign sites per event for up to two weeks. The mobile sign sites are booked through the City and the mobile signs are rented through sign contractors.

Designated Mobile Sign Sites (on city owned property)

  • Colborne Street East & Lynnwood Drive] (northwest corner)
  • Paris Road] (in parkette south of Hardy Road)
  • Veterans Memorial Parkway] (formerly BSAR) & Blackburn Drive (northwest corner)
  • Veterans Memorial Parkway] (formerly BSAR) & Shellard Lane (northwest corner)
  • Wayne Gretzky Parkway & Colborne Street East] (northeast corner)
  • Wayne Gretzky Parkway & Henry Street] (northwest corner)


The City does not charge groups for using the sites or acquiring a mobile sign permit. User groups will be charged a sign rental fee by the sign contractor they retain. The sign contractor will invoice user groups directly.


Please read the City’s Mobile Sign Site Usage Policy - (being revised) to ensure your event or organization meet usage eligibility requirements. City staff will advise if your event or organization does not meet usage eligibility requirements.

Three Options to Book A Mobile Sign Site

  1. Visit the Building Department at City Hall to inquire about site and date availability, book a site and complete the [Application Permit form] for mobile signs. Please note, you will be asked to provide the name and contact information of your sign contractor. City Hall is located at 100 Wellington Street. The Building Department is located on the second floor. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  2. Cntact the Building department by phone at 519-759-4150 to inquire about site and date availability. Complete the sign permit application and fax it to the Building Department at 519-752-1874. The permit application must be fully complete, signed and include your sign contractors name and contact information.
  3. Sign contractors can also book a site on behalf of a community group. Contractors must contact the Building Department to inquire about site and date availability then submit a signed and fully completed sign permit application in person or by fax at 519-752-1874.

Guidelines for Sign Contractors Installing Mobile Signs on Designated City Sites

  1. Read the Mobile Sign Site Usage Policy - (being revised) for user guidelines, and the Permit Application Form outlining insurance requirements for mobile sign contractors.
  2. Submit Certificates of Insurance for Commercial General Liability and Auto to the Building Department for review. Allow two weeks for final approval. Certificates can be dropped off in person at the Building Department or faxed to 519-752-1874. Insurance policies must not be cancelled or lapsed without the insurer notifying the City in writing at least 30 days prior to the effective date of cancellation or expiry.
  3. When contacted by a user group asking to rent a mobile sign for a designated city site, ask if they booked the site through the city. If so, confirm the site, installation date and sign message. You will also need to visit the Building department to sign the permit application prior to the installation date. If the user group has not booked the site through the city ask them to do so or book a site on their behalf as outlined above.
  4. When installing mobile signs on designated city sites, position the signs as outlined on the site maps provided to you. Extra copies of the site maps are available at the Building Department. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Building Department at 519-759-4150 ext 2344.