Prominence Point 

The City of Brantford's Prominence Point (formerly Walk of Fame) monument is located in Armouries Gore Park. It honours the outstanding achievements of local citizens, past and present. There are currently 24 inductees into Brantford's Walk of Fame:

  • 1997 - Phil Hartman, Doug Jarvis, Dr. James Hillier
  • 1998 - Pauline Johnson, Arnold Anderson, Samuel Stedman
  • 1999 - Walter Gretzky, Alexander Graham Bell, Dr. Emily Stowe
  • 2000 - Cockshutt Family (Ignatius, James, Jane), Pat Godin, Century of Olympians
  • 2002 - Thomas B. Costain, Joseph Thayendanegea Brant, Debra Brown
  • 2003 - Adelaide Hunter Hoodless, Jay Silverheels
  • 2004 - Wayne Gretzky, Gary Farmer, Linda Schuyler, Allen Pizzey
  • 2005 - Summerhays Brothers, Lawren Harris, June Callwood
Public monument consisting of a curving concrete wall with glass panels that have information about some of Brantford's distinguished citizens.

About Brantford's Prominence Point (formerly Walk of Fame) Monument

In 2008, Brantford City Council approved the design and construction of a new Walk of Fame monument structure and feature park space to pay tribute to Brantford’s distinguished citizens. With the assistance of MMM Group, a design concept and construction drawings for a new monument structure and park space was completed, based on the principles established by a former Task Force comprised of representatives from the Parks, Recreation, and Water Front Advisory Committee, the Tourism Advisory Committee, and the Heritage Committee, as well as, staff from Planning, Parks and Recreation, and Tourism.

The new Walk of Fame monument included a re-design of Armouries Gore Park located at the intersections of Brant Avenue, Dalhousie and Colborne Streets.

The permanent Walk of Fame monument was completed in July 2013, and was dedicated on October 19, 2013. Given the program’s new permanent location, the name “Walk of Fame” was deemed no longer appropriate. As such, the Walk of Fame subcommittee, which is a subcommittee of the Brantford Heritage Committee, discussed new names for the program at their meeting on April 2, 2014, where they ultimately arrived at the name “Prominence Point”. The Heritage Committee accepted the subcommittee’s recommendation at their meeting on July 15, 2014 with the additional recommendation that the subtitle “A Place of Recognition” be included in any signage to provide a further indication of the purpose of the program.

Meaning Behind the Name “Prominence Point”

The word "prominence" can describe something or someone important, well-known, distinguished, famous, etc. "Prominence" is of particular relevance to both the location of the monument in the historic downtown as well as the citizens recognized on its walls.

The word ‘point’ was chosen for its historical reference to the Armories Gore Park. Historically, the Armories Gore Park was referred to as “The Point” by locals, because it was the point at which many streets met before the streets were reconfigured.

At the Heritage Committee meeting on July 15, 2014 it was recommended that “A Place of Recognition” be added as a subtitle on any signage for the program, so as to provide passersby with an indication of the purpose of the monument.

The new name “Prominence Point” was carefully chosen as to reflect both the important citizens the program is designed to recognize as well as the historical background of its new permanent location.

Prominence Point Program

The Walk of Fame program which recognizes Brantford’s prominent citizens was originally in the form of multiple monuments scattered across the downtown area. The name “Walk of Fame” was a reflection of the intent of the program, to encourage citizens and visitors to walk around the downtown to learn more about Brantford’s exceptional citizens.

The nomination and selection process is adjudicated by a committee of citizen volunteers, the Prominence Point Subcommittee, with the support of City of Brantford staff. Click for more information about the nomination process.

Criteria for Selection

  • The honorees must either have been born or lived in the City of Brantford at some point in his or her life, and/or must consider the City of Brantford and surrounding area as an important or formative element of his or her life experience.
  • Nominees, whether living or deceased, must have made an outstanding contribution to the community or have achieved significant local, regional, national or international recognition in their chosen field. Fields of achievement include athletics, arts and entertainment, academics, humanitarian efforts, medicine, science and technology, environmentalism, or business and industry.