Best Practices & Energy Initiatives 

Putting Best Practices and Energy Initiatives Into Place

Since 2010 a number of initiatives have been completed or are underway relating to energy/demand management and the reduction of GHG emissions, a sample of the projects is shown below.

Building Energy Audits

A number of Building Energy Audits have been competed for Corporate and Housing properties including the following: 

A number of Building Energy Audits have been competed for Corporate and Housing properties including the following: 

  • Brantford Police Headquarters
  • Brantford Tourism Centre
  • TB Costain Community Centre
  • Brant Towers – Housing
  • Glenhyrst Gallery
  • Public Works Yard on Earl Ave.
  • John Noble Home
  • City Hall and Court House
  • 84 Market Street (I.T. and Hydro)
  • Parks Department - 1 Sherwood Drive
  • Richard Beckett Building
  • Brantford Public Library – Main Branch
  • Brantford Public Library – St. Paul Branch
  • Trillium Way Seniors Building
  • Albion Towers Housing
  • Transit Services – 400 Grand River Ave
  • Woodman Community Centre
  • Park Road Pumping Station
  • Wayne Gretzky Sports Center
  • 111 Not-for-Profit Housing Facilities

Energy Retrofit Projects

A number of energy conservation projects have been undertaken over the past few years. A summary of some of the projects include the following:


  • Wayne Gretzky Sports Complex - Dectron Unit Replacement (Dehumidification)
  • Water Treatment Plant - Rebuilt two low lift pumps with motors
  • John Noble Home – New heat pump
  • Mount Hope Cemetery – New infrared heater
  • Winston Court – housing - boiler room upgrades and equipment replacement for efficiency and comfort
  • Winston Court – Installed high-efficiency boilers
  • Slovak Village –HVAC alterations
  • WGSC 50m pool dehumidification unit replacement and upgrade (2016) Lighting
  • City Hall replacement of the main disconnects at the air handler unit
  • WGSC – replacement of 3 condensing boilers
  • WGSC – dehumidifier replacements
  • John Noble Home – 2 boilers, 2 MUA roof top units, 2 ERV units
  • Water Treatment Plant – infrared heating
  • City Hall Chiller – New smaller staged compressor design, improved building automation system.
  • Brantford Public Library – New efficient rooftop HVAC and Air Handling Units with heat recovery and a new expanded building automation system, air curtains.
  • Brant Towers & Lorne Towers - New efficient rooftop HVAC and Air Handling Units with heat recovery
  • Richard Beckett Building - New efficient rooftop air make up unit
  • Civic Centre – Complete new ice plant with efficient compressors and heat recovery and new high efficiency boilers and building automation system
  • Sanderson Centre – New resized and efficient boilers with heat recovery, new rooftop units, expanded building automation system.
  • Various Housing Properties - 100+ high efficiency furnace units installed
  • 180 Greenwich Street - High Efficiency Boiler installed
  • Farmers Market – High efficiency rooftop units, on demand water heaters, set back controls.


  • Various Traffic Lights and Street Lighting to LEDs
  • Brantford Police Service – Headquarters, Covert T12 and magnetic ballasts to T8’s and electronic ballasts
  • Brantford Police Service – Headquarters – LED Parking Lot Lighting
  • Brantford Police Service – Headquarters – Certificate of Recognition from Save on Energy
  • Fire Station #1 – LED Parking lot lighting
  • Eastdale Gardens Housing Complex – LED parking lot lighting
  • Brant and Lorne Towers – Interior LED retrofit
  • Trillium Place and Walkers Green – Update to interior lighting
  • Winston Court, Daleview Gardens and Northland Gardens housing units – Upgrade to LED exterior lighting
  • Parking Garage – Exterior LED lighting upgrades
  • Wayne Gretzky Sports Complex – LED Lobby and Track Lighting
  • Sanderson Centre – replacment of all lobby incandescent and compact flourescent light bulbs to LEDs, including stage lighting
  • Doug Snooks Community Centre – LED parking lot lighting
  • Farmers’ Market – T8 Interior Lighting retrofit, LED Parking Lot Lighting
  • City Hall Courtyard – LED Lighting retrofit, Parking Lot HID with timer
  • Various Airport Hangars – T12 to T5 Interior lighting retrofits
  • All Housing properties – Interior CFL lighting retrofits, LED Emergency lighting retrofits
  • Various Municipal Buildings – T12 to T8 or T5 and now LED Lighting Retrofits

Building Retrofits with Energy Efficiency Components

  • John Noble Home Apartments – This new building has several LEED like design features including the first city-owned building that uses a geo-thermal heating and cooling system to lower energy costs.
  • Consolidating corporate facilities – less energy demand
  • Future builds – designing more efficiently, LEED like where possible
  • Parking Garage – Elevator upgrades
  • Albion Towers – housing – window replacement upgrades to energy efficient
  • Slovak Village – Replacement of windows
  • Trillium Place – EIFS cladding system
  • Eastdale Gardens – housing - single pane window replacement
  • Riverside Gardens – housing – window replacement
  • Eastdale Gardens – Increased levels on insulation and improved ventilation
  • Albion Towers – Increased roof insulation
  • Farmers' Market – Insulated, new siding and new weather stripped exterior doors
  • Housing Various Units – New exterior doors, caulking
  • Parks – Vestibule installed
  • All re-roofing projects completed since 2005 have had an increase in insulation levels during replacement including City Hall, 84 Market, various housing sites, Civic Centre, Doug Snooks Eagle Place,
  • Woodman Community Centre, St. Paul Library, and many more.
  • Energy efficient window replacements completed at various corporate and housing sites.
  • Wayne Gretzky Sports Complex - New roof assembly on 50m pool with vapour barrier and increased levels of insulation
  • Use of high-performance glazing at the exterior walls of the new 25m pool (Solera Lumira R5)
  • High-efficiency lighting with occupancy sensors used throughout
  • Heat recovery system throughout the building
  • High-efficiency air handling units which utilize heat recovery
  • Building Automation System incorporated
  • Low-flow shower heads utilized at hockey arena change rooms
  • Ice Plant Heat Recovery (to bleachers in all arenas)
  • Building Automation System
  • Air curtains
  • Heat pumps

Solar Initiatives

The City of Brantford is assessing solar initiative for viability and is undertaking preliminary work to for site considerations. The City is also reviewing possible leases of roof and ground space for solar installations. To date the following sites have solar installations (under OPA FIT 1.0):

  • Richard Beckett Building – Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Trillium Way Housing – Ground Mounted Solar installation
  • Currently working on rooftop leases for solar at 1 large building (with Essex Energy).

Up and coming proposed projects in the 10 year capital plan with potential energy efficiency upgrades

  • Water Treatment Plant moving to primary metering
  • Civic Centre exterior door and window replacements (2018)
  • Parks & Rec Greenhouse boiler replacements (2021)
  • WGSC – bubbler system compressor upgrades (2018)
  • WGSC – old roof top unit replacement (2016)
  • Lions Park arena – spectator lighting retrofit (2020)
  • Lion’s Park arena – refrigeration equipment (2020)
  • Steve Brown Red diamond lighting replacement/possible retrofit (2017)
  • Sanderson window and entry improvements (2018)
  • Fire Hall 1 – roof replacement and increase in insulation levels (2020)
  • Fire Hall 3 Roof replacement and increase in insulation levels (2021)
  • Brant Towers – housing – balcony and bedroom window replacement upgrades to energy efficient (2021 & 2022)
  • Brant towers – housing - replacement of tube radiators for comfort and efficiency (2019)
  • Winston Court – housing - replacement of tube radiators for comfort and efficiency (2020)
  • Airport building 150 roof replacement and increase insulation levels (2018)
  • Civic Centre exterior cladding system and increase in insulation levels and vapour barrier (2018)
  • Sanderson Roof replacements and increase in insulation levels (2017 & 2019)
  • WGSC – insulate and vapour barrier south and north end walls of 50m pool (2020)