Energy Management Plan 

Ontario Regulation 397/11, made under the Green Energy Act, 2009 was published in August 2011. This Regulation requires that all public agencies prepare an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan (“the Energy Plan”).

The objectives of the City of Brantford’s Corporate Energy Management Plan are to achieve the following:

  1. Energy will be used efficiently within the City.
  2. A corporate structure is established to manage energy efficiently.
  3. The efficient use of energy is a priority for the City in corporate policy and budget decisions.
  4. The efficient use of energy is part of the day-to-day activities of City staff.
  5. The City meets and exceeds the requirements of Regulation 397/11.

The City’s Plan establishes the following 5-year targets to guide the City’s efforts on energy management from 2014 to 2019:

  • 4.9% improvement in energy intensity; and
  • 5.3% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

In June of 2016 the City began evaluating progress towards meeting our 5 year greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy intensity targets set out in our Corporate Energy Management Plan (CEMP) comparing the first full calendar year of the CEMP (2015) against the baseline year 2012.

Included in the analysis are program areas which we are required to report under the Green Energy Act (GEA). While most City facility energy accounts are captured, the analysis does not include Social Services single or multi-family housing and long term care facilities, nor does it include municipal street lighting, whose energy use is not currently required to be captured under the GEA, though we hope to include these in the future.

A summary of the findings are as follows:

  Energy Intensity (ekWh/sqft)'
GHG Emissions (kg)²
5 Year Target
Year 1 Progress
City of Brantford's Corporate Energy Management Plan Reduction Progress

Energy intensity adjusts energy use by floor area and weather and is an indicator of the relative energy requirements across buildings.

² This decrease is significant exceeding the 5 year target set out in the CEMP, though this needs to be qualified. The major change in GHG emissions reported relates to the changing electricity supply mix between 2012 and 2015, Ontario phased out coal use for electricity generation.

Reporting Year GHG Emissions (kg)
2011 7,344,440
2012 7,025,342
2013 6,960,533
2014 5,988,348
2015 5,724,597
Total 2011 - 2015 33,043,260
The following is a summary of the City's total emissions for its facilities from 2011 until 2015.

Staff is currently working on a full report which will be made available on this website once finalized. Please check back in the New Year 2017 for updates.

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