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Live Meeting Broadcast Coverage Provided by Rogers TVOur ongoing coverage of Brantford City Council keeps residents informed on the decisions and issues taking place at Brantford City Hall.

Committee of the Whole-Community Services (6:00 p.m.) (6:30 p.m.) * following Mayor's Annual Address at 6:00 p.m.
Council Chambers
Committee of the Whole -Operations and Administration (6:00 p.m.) Council Chambers Estimates Committee (4:30 p.m.) Council Chambers
City Council (6:00 p.m.) Council Chambers
January 13* January 20 January 14 January 27
February 3
February 10 January 16 February 18 (Tuesday)
March 3 March 17 January 21 March 24
April 7 April 14 January 23 (if required) April 22 (Tuesday)
May 12 May 20 (Tuesday) January 28 (if required) May 26
June 9 June 16 January 30 (if required) June 23
August 5 (Tuesday) August 11   August 25
September 2 (Tuesday) September 8   September 11 (Thursday)
September 15 September 22   September 29
December 8 December 15   October 6
      December 1 (Inaugural)
      December 22
2014 City of Brantford Council & Committee Meetings Broadcast Schedule

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