Finance Committee 

The Finance Committee is comprised of the Mayor and five Members of Council (1 from each Ward) to advise Council on matters relating to the finances of the municipality, including without limitation, the development and implementation of the City's long-term strategic financial plan, internal and external audits, budget policy, budget monitoring, tax policies and policy direction and prioritization relating to financial matters and budgets. 

The Finance Committee shall also serve as the Audit Committee of the municipality, but shall not perform the tasks of the Estimates Committee.

The Finance Committee shall report directly to the Estimates Committee on the following matters:

  • additional and future budget reduction options and strategy; and
  • future annual Operating and Capital Budgets

The Finance Committee shall report directly to City Council on all other matters within its mandate.

100 Wellington Square, PO Box 818
Brantford, ON  N3T 5R7 - FAX (519) 759-7840

For more information about this Committee, please contact:

Julia Sippel, Council and Committee Services Co-ordinator
(519) 759-4150 ext. 5358