Vince Bucci 

Ward 2 Councillor Vince BucciWard 2 Councillor

City Hall
100 Wellington Square
P.O. Box 818
Brantford, Ontario
N3T 5R7

48 Devon Street
Brantford, Ontario
N3R 1M2

519 758-1506 tel
519 717-0518 cell
519 759-7840 fax

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Personal: Vince, his wife Carol and their two small children, Liana and Vincent moved to Brantford 39 years ago. Thirty-four years ago they moved to Ward 2 and have lived on Devon Street to this day. Their children are now on their own – Liana lives with her husband Larry and two children, Justin and Julia in Markham while their son Vincent, lives in Brantford with his wife Leslie and their two children, Evan and Matthew.

Education: Vince grew up in Sudbury where he attended Laurentian University and received his B.A. in Philosophy, History and English. Subsequently, he attended Teacher’s College at the University of Toronto. As well, Vince took several courses at the M.A. Level from McMaster University in Hamilton.

Career: Vince taught high school in Sudbury and Dundas before settling in Brantford with his family where he taught at Pauline Johnson High School for 30 years.  He enjoyed the interaction and involvement with his students in the classroom, on the football field and on the theatre stage.  

Previous Community Involvment

1971 was an election year and it was the year that Vince and his family moved to Brantford. Vince decided that he would run for what was then known as “The Brant County Roman Catholic School Board” and he won a seat. That was the beginning of Vince’s keen interest in serving the community and he has served in various capacities on the following boards and committees:

  • Brant County Separate School Board for 6 years
  • Immigrant Settlement and Counselling Services of Brant for 22 years
  • International Villages Festival for 22 years
  • Ontario Advisory Council for Multiculturalism for 3 years
  • OSSTF Grievance Officer for 10 years
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation and Lifecare for 12 years
  • Chair of the Brant County Board of Health for 4 years
  • LHIN Board member for 1 1/2 years
  • Canada Week Committee for 5 years
  • Brantford Minor Sports (Soccer, Hockey & Football) Coach for 20 years

Sixteen years ago, Vince was elected to Brantford City Council where he served for 13 years and was elected or appointed to the following boards and committees:

  • Restructuring Committee for 3 years
  • Community Development Sector for 5 years
  • Committee of Adjustment for 5 years
  • The Sanderson Centre Board for 5 years
  • Social Service Committee for 7 years
  • Post Secondary Education Committee for 5 years
  • Brant County Health Unit Board for 5 years
  • John Noble Home Board for 6 years
  • District Health Council Board for 3 years
  • City/County Task Force Committee for 3 years
  • Brantford Energy Inc. Board for 4 years


  • City Council
  • Committee of the Whole – Community Services
  • Committee of the Whole – Operations and Administration
  • Appointments Committee
  • Estimates Committee
  • Social Services Committee
  • John Noble Home Committee of Management
  • Brant-Brantford Local Housing Corporation Board of Directors 
  • Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation Board of Directors
  • Brant County Board of Health
  • Brantford Energy Corporation Board of Directors
  • Brantford Police Services Board
  • City/County Strategic Growth Negotiations Task Force
  • Customer Service Task Force
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Purchasing Policy Review Study Group
  • Sanderson Centre Governance and Operational Review Task Force

Outsite Boards/Agencies/Advisory Committees

My Goals

Pedestrian Walk Lights: Vince believes that pedestrian walk lights on Charing Cross near Sydenham are a priority. This is a safety issue for our children and Vince wants to remedy that problem without delay.

Brownfields: Vince believes that cleaning up of these lands should be seen as opportunities for council to create partnerships with the private sector and other levels of government. Ward 2’s only brownfield site was remediated due to the persistence of Vince and his wardmate and this site is now Edward E. Goold Park.

Capital Projects: Vince believes that getting capital commitments for his ward are important and to this end, Vince and his wardmate were successful in getting a five year commitment from council to improve an area of Ward 2. The rebuilding of sewers, watermains, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and roads is presently ongoing. Vince wants to continue to work at making sure Ward 2 is well maintained.