Park Rehabilitation and Replacement Program 


2017 Fall Playground Renovations

The planning process has begun for our 2017 phase of playground replacements and renovations. The four neighbourhood parks in this phase of renovations include:

  • Cameron Heights Park
  • Lynden Hills Park
  • Parsons Park
  • Cockshutt Park 

Community meetings have been completed and Parks & Recreation staff has visited students from grades 1 to 5 at local community schools located near each park. 


An online survey is available for residents to provide their feedback about these exciting playground renovations. Do you live near Cockshutt Park, Cameron Heights Park, Parson's Park or Lynden Hills Park and want to provide your input? Please visit your park link to complete the survey!






 Please check back for updates as this project continues on through the year. Construction is scheduled for Fall 2017.


Playground Renovations 2017 Spring Update

June 8, 2017. Construction is ALMOST complete in Florence Buchanan Park and Andrew W. Pate Park! Play equipment has been installed and we are in the final stages of construction. Paving is scheduled for Monday-Tuesday of next week, very exciting! These construction sites will remain closed until construction is complete with paving and fine tuning in the next couple weeks.

Construction has also begun at Mayors Common Park, the third park on our renovation list! You will notice the play equipment has also been removed in Spring Gardens Park. Not to worry, construction will start shortly in this park and it should be complete by August of 2017. Roswell is the last on our list and we intend to keep all existing play equipment in place throughout construction. Luckily, this equipment is outside of the new construction area and does not need to be removed while this playground undergoes renovation.

Parks & Recreation would like to issue a friendly reminder to not enter the construction site in the evening when workers are not on site. There are still many dangers and the installed play equipment has not yet been inspected for safety. Construction sites are not safe - for adults or children. When the construction fencing is down, the park will be open and available for use.

Be sure to check back here for your weekly update.

Renovation plans include: accessible asphalt pathways, new play structures and swings, accessible wood fibre safety surfacing surrounding new play structures, new plantings, benches, etc.

We are happy to share playground renovation plans and a rendering of the play equipment that is coming to a park near you. Please find a link to each parks’ plans below:

Please note playground installation may vary from plans shown due to budget constraints.

Project Contacts

Dave Zimmer
Parks & Recreation
Supervisor of Parks Design & Development
519-756-1500 ext. 5510

Mandy Wellsman
Parks & Recreation
Coordinator of Parks Services
519-756-1500 ext. 5512