Brantford Transit Comprehensive Study 

In the past, Brantford Transit has responded to growth in the City with expansion of services, incremental growth in the service, frequency increases, and the introduction of innovative services such as the evening zone bus and hybrid system of zone and fixed routes.

Growth in the community required extensions of services and realignment of routes to ensure the most effective use of resources and reliable service. While community support was strong, the lack of upper tier funding consistently strained the service and its ability to expand and attract new riders.

Today, the situation is quite different. The growth in the community has reached a point where incremental fixes are becoming increasingly limited in scope and less effective. At the same time, support for transit service is growing, as environmental awareness, health concerns and rising fuel costs are leading to significant increases in demand. In the past, these types of changes throughout the province and the country have rarely had an effect on the Brantford community, but today, the change could very well have an impact as the transit landscape in Brantford also changes.

In the past two years, Brantford has seen significant change in its ridership, growth in student potential as post-secondary activity in the community increases, and the increasing challenge of accessibility and the impacts of new legislation and regulations on the provision of service.

This Comprehensive Study of Brantford Transit is to review the existing services and address the growth and the increasing transit demand in the community to set the course for the future development of services.

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