2007 Transportation Master Plan 

The City of Brantford at its meeting on February 21, 2005 approved a resolution directing the completion of a Transportation Master Plan update, Official Plan update, and associated public consultation program. The City’s intention was that the transportation master plan study and Official Plan review program be carried out in an integrated manner due to the interrelationships between the two studies. The City is also undertaking a Growth Management Study. Together, these initiatives provide the opportunity to address changing circumstances and directions in the community and to plan for the long-term.

The purpose of the Transportation Master Plan Update is to review the transportation need of Brantford for the next 25 years, based on updated forecasts of future growth, and the changes to transportation patterns and infrastructure that have occurred since 1997. The study determined if the previously recommended projects are still the most appropriate for the community, and developed recommendations to address new or emerging transportation issues.