Commercial Lands Background Paper 

Commercial Lands Background Paper Cover

The Commercial Lands Background Paper covers the following topics:

- Brantford's Retail and Commercial Structure
- The Purpose of the Study
- Issues and Key Policy Direction

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The Retail and Commercial Structure in Brantford

The City of Brantford is home to a range of retail and commercial options that meet the varied shopping and service needs of the community. There are a range of retail formats in Brantford including major shopping malls, power centres, neighbourhood-scale plazas, and the downtown streetfront.

There are two main area or nodes in the City where major shopping centres are located: Wayne Gretzky Parkway at Fairview Drive, where there is the Lynden Park Mall and a number of big box stores; and King George Road at Powerline Road, where there is a large power centre and strip retail. A third, smaller, node is found in Downtown Brantford, where there is a mix of shops, personal services and food/restaurant locations.

Issues and Key Policy Direction

The following table summarizes the Commercial Land issues related to the current policy framework and any requirements to implement related Provincial legislation. The purpose of the following table is to generate input and discussion on the issues and the proposed key policy directions that are being considered for the new Official Plan policies. 

Identified Issues Key Policy Directions Proposed
Retail trends, such as smaller store formats and the growing popularity of online shopping are likely to reduce the amount of shopping centre space per capita required in the future.    Support the development of smaller format and pedestrian-friendly retail in proximity to where people live and work, including as part of a mixed use development.
There are a few large vacant retail/commercial sites in Brantford that could accommodate a single major retail user, or a mix of uses in a new community-scale shopping centre.

In the absence of an inventory of larger vacant commercial sites, the City should establish a multi-pronged policy framework to meet the future commercial goods and services needs of residents and businesses. In particular, the City should:

-Support the intensification of existing underused commercial sites across the city;

-Develop alternative development standards that support intensification; and

-Consider opportunities, initiatives, and actions to increase the inventory of larger vacant sites where commercial uses can be developed.

The shift in retail development has been to the north-central part of the city resulting in many of the remaining retail-commercial sites being left vacant, particularly in the Downtown area (often less than 1 acre in size).

Reinforce the Downtown as a unique commercial destination, while ensuring goods and services are accessible to all residents and businesses across the City, regardless of where they live/work, or how they travel (i.e. by foot, bicycle, transit, or car).
Outside of the Downtown, Brantford's existing commercial areas are auto-oriented, meaning that they are disconnected from adjacent communities, with poor walking, cycling, and transit connections and conditions. To promote complete communities and active living, emphasize the role of site planning and urban design to ensure new and redeveloped commercial areas are walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly.
Issues and Policy Directions: Commercial Lands

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