Cultural Heritage Background Paper 

Cover of Cultural Heritage Background Paper

The Cultural Heritage Background Paper covers the following topics:

- What are Cultural Heritage Resources
- Existing Province of Ontario Policies
- Existing City of Brantford Policies
- Issues and Key Policy Direction

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What are Cultural Heritage Resources?

Cultural heritage resources include elements which have a historical, physical or contextual value to the community, province, or nation. Cultural heritage resources may include:

  • Structures such as buildings, groups of buildings, monuments, fences and bridges;
  • Cultural heritage landscapes such as streetscapes, farmsteads, villages, cemeteries, parks, gardens, estates, watercourses, and scenic vistas and corridors;
  • Archaeological sites, including found artifacts; and
  • Traditions reflecting the social and cultural heritage of a community.

Issues and Key Policy Direction

The following table summarizes the Cultural Heritage issues related to the current policy framework and any requirements to implement related Provincial legislation. The purpose of the following table is to generate input and discussion on the issues and the proposed key policy directions that are being considered for the new Official Plan policies.

Identified Issues Key Policy Directions Proposed
A Heritage Register has not yet been developed. The lack of a Heritage Register, as defined by the Heritage Act, limits the City's ability to protect and preserve significant cultural heritage resources from demolition and/or building and site alterations.   Prepare a Cultural Heritage Register for listed and non-listed properties to provide the City the power to protect 
 Recent changes to the Provincial Policy Statement and the Ontario Heritage Act provide new direction for "cultural heritage landscapes". The municipality will need to update heritage policies to include the identification and conservation of cultural heritage landscapes. Prepare an inventory of cultural heritage landscapes, defined by geographical areas of heritage significance valued by the community and which have been modified by human activities.
The Province of Ontario requires that significant cultural heritage resources be conserved. It will be a challenge to balance Provincial direction for cultural heritage protection with other goals for intensification. Options for adaptive reuse of heritage resources will be encouraged. Implement stronger policies for protecting cultural heritage resources, including tools such as: a Municipal Register, requirement and guidelines for the preparation of Heritage Impact Assessments, incentive programs, and urban design guidelines and/or policies.
Issues and Policy Directions: Cultural Heritage

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