Housing Background Paper 

Cover of the Housing Background PaperThe Housing Background Paper covers the following topics:

- What Are Housing Policies
- Existing Province of Ontario Policies
- Existing City of Brantford Policies
- Issues and Key Policy Direction

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What are Housing Policies

Housing policies are statements of intent that provide direction on how the City of Brantford will develop its residential areas and address housing needs within the municipality. These policies address:

  • Residential lands uses
  • Long-term residential land needs
  • Conservation of existing housing stock
  • Intensification and infill development
  • Housing types and built forms
  • Densities of residential developments
  • Affordable housing for seniors and low to moderate income individuals 

Issues and Key Policy Direction

The following table summarizes the Housing issues related to the current policy framework and any requirements to implement related Provincial legislation. The purpose of the following table is to generate input and discussion on the issues and the proposed key policy directions that are being considered for the new Official Plan policies. 

Identified Issues Key Policy Directions Proposed
Area specific residential land use policies have not been implemented. Numerous studies have been undertaken by the municipality that provide direction on the type of housing, built form, minimum/maximum densities and uses that should be permitted in specified areas. These land use recommendations have not been fully implemented to guide development and redevelopment in the City.
For example, the Downtown Master Plan recommends Market Street North and the rail station be rezoned to Core Commercial to allow higher density residential development around the rail station.
Implement the area specific residential land use policy recommendations from the Downtown Master Plan and the Waterfront Master Plan. In some instances, urban design guidelines will be required to ensure compatibility with adjacent neighbourhood.
New Provincial policy direction promotes the creation of complete communities. Provincial policies encourage neighbourhoods to develop with a mix of uses and a range of housing types in a compact urban form to support complete communities. Residential land use designations in the City do not fully support the Provincial Policy direction to create complete communities. Review the permitted uses, housing types, and permitted densities in the various Residential Area designations of the Official Plan to ensure a range of uses and housing types are permitted to meet the provincial direction of building complete communities in a compact urban form that supports the daily living needs or residents.
Intensification targets and densities. The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe establishes minimum density targets that must be achieved for lands within each designated growth area (i.e. Built-Up Area, Urban Growth Centre, Greenfields). The required minimum residential densities of the Growth Plan are higher (denser) than current densities achieved in the City. Therefore, together with existing development, new residential development may not meet the minimum density targets on a site by site basis.  Review the permitted densities in existing communities, greenfield areas, and the Urban Growth Centre, and establish minimum density requirements within these land use designations that are consistent to the minimum provincial density requirements (i.e. all residential development on Greenfield lands must achieve a minimum density of 50 people and jobs per hectare). 
Issues and Policy Directions: Housing

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