Phase 2: Visioning Workshops 

The Vision Statement

The following statement captures the key messages expressed by the public and key stakeholders for how they envision Brantford in 2041. This Vision Statement will guide the development of policies during the Official Plan Review:

Brantford has grown to become a unique urban community that has retained connections to its small town origins. It is defined by the Grand River, which is cherished for its natural features, historic legacy, and recreational amenities. The people of Brantford are healthy and prosperous. They live in complete communities that are inclusive, accessible, compact, and well connected for all modes of travel. Residents have access to a range of community services and recreational amenities to support their well-being. The local economy thrives because it is diverse and adaptable to changing trends, just as it has been over the course of Brantford's history. The entire community comes together in the Downtown, which is recognized as the heart of the community with a mix of activities, and the highest quality public realm to present a distinct image of the city. As Brantford grows, the success of our existing communities is strengthened, and the features that make the city unique remain as valued assets for future generations to enjoy.

The full Visioning Report can be downloaded for all the details of the input we received from citizens and community stakeholders.

City of Brantford Council adopted the Vision Statement on December 16, 2013. The Staff Report presenting the Visionin Report can be downloaded for full details.

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