Frequently Asked Questions 

What is open data?

The philosophy behind Open Data is:

  1. To make some of our municipally-generated data available in a structured, machine-readable format.
  2. Data can be freely shared, used and built on subject only to our Open Data Terms of Use.

The concept of Open Data is to provide information in its raw form so anyone can perform their own analysis on the data, or develop applications (desktop, web and/or mobile) that makes use of our data. Our Open Data Portal features interactive maps and charts driven by our data and provides the same information in a variety of formats ready for consumption (machine-readable) by common software applications and development languages. These formats include spreadsheets and common mapping formats including KML, shapefile, GeoJSON and GeoService.

What is a dataset?

A dataset is a collection of information or data presented in a structured manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by a machine or computer program. Examples include spreadsheets and common mapping formats including KML, shapefile, GeoJSON and GeoService.

Why is the city offering Open Data?

We recognize that our Open Data Portal is the next step to information sharing in our Community. Open Data supports our commitment to:

  • Improving citizen engagement
  • Enhancing transparency and accountability
  • Supports government efficiency and effectiveness
  • Drives innovation and economic opportunities

How do I contact the Open Data team?

The Open Data Team may be reached via email.

Will all City data be released?

The Open Data Team will coordinate with staff throughout the organization to review suggestions received and provide guidance in identifying datasets to augment our initial offerings. Once datasets have gone thru an approval process they will be made available online. Keep in mind that not all data can be released due to privacy and confidentiality issues.

What file formats are available?

Spreadsheets (CSV) and common mapping formats including KML, shapefile, GeoJSON and GeoService.

What file datum and projection is available?

The datasets are available for download using the WGS84 projection.

How frequently is the data updated?

Staff Departments within the City manage their own data sets and update them as required to meet business needs.

Do I have to pay or register to use the City of Brantford Open Data?

No - you are not required to pay for or register to make use of our Open Data.

Can I use this data commercially?

Yes. As per our Open Data Licence available in the footer of the Open Data Portal.

How is my personal information protected? Will personal information be at risk?

No personal information is allowed to be made public as defined by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The City of Brantford complies with freedom of information and privacy laws and will not be releasing information that infringes on privacy rights. In fact, some requests from the community for data are not actionable due to privacy restrictions.

Are there differences in browser views of the website?

There are variations among the different browsers in use today and they are constantly changing so you may encounter some unexpected results. If you do encounter something unexpected, please contact the team.

Who do I contact when I have questions about the data?

Please feel free to contact the Open Data Team via email.