Project Structure 

The study is organized as follows:

  1. Waterfront Task Force: Includes five City Councillors (a representative from each Ward) and the Mayor. A representative from Six Nations has been invited to join the Task Force.
  2. Waterfront Staff Advisory Team:  Comprised of appropriate technical staff, including City and other agency staff including GRCA staff.
  3. Study Coordination:  Policy Planning Division, Senior Policy Planner, Planning Department.

Waterfront Task Force

The Waterfront Task Force is responsible for the following:

  • Liaison with Council in regard to all political issues associated with the Study;
  • Be responsible for approval of all consultative processes with the public;
  • Review the Final Terms of Reference and recommendation for Consultant selection and Study commencement to City Council;
  • Meet periodically during the Study to review progress, consider any adjustments to the work program, provide input; and
  • Submit final Study recommendations to City Council.

Waterfront Staff Advisory Team

The Waterfront Staff Advisory Team is responsible for the following:

  • Review RFP submission, participate in the interview and/or evaluation process, and jointly submit recommendations in regard to the Consultant selection to the Waterfront Task Force;
  • Provide input with regard to technical issues;
  • Liase with outside agencies that are not represented on the Committee; and
  • Provide technical assistance to the Waterfront Task Force and to the Consultant.

Study Coordination

The Waterfront Master Plan Study will be administered by the Policy Planning Division, and coordinated by the Senior Policy Planner. The Senior Policy Planner will be responsible for the day-to-day liaison with the Consultant, the Waterfront Task Force, the Staff Advisory Team, and the community at large in regard to all aspects of the Study.

First Nations

Archaeological Services Inc. have been retained as part of the Consultant Team. They will be responsible for the coordination of a communications agreement between the City and Six Nations to provide an oppotunity for continued input and involvement throughout the study process.