Ontario Municipal Board: Waterfront Master Plan Appeals 




JULY 3, 2014

The City has received a decision of the Ontario Municipal Board regarding appeals received from Sifton Properties Inc. and Grandview Ravines Inc.


The hearing, which lasted 19 weeks, involved the City's Waterfront Master Plan implementation for those two properties as well as development applications by the two developers which would have seen an extensive amount of development occur within areas that the City believed was not appropriate.


Sifton Properties had proposed over 200 units and Grandview Ravines had proposed 190 units. The Board has indicated in their decision that there should be some limited development subject to adjustments to ensure protection of natural heritage features and functions. This included increasing buffers to the significant wetlands and cold water streams from 15 meters to 30 meters.


The Board also has indicated that there are servicing and access issues that are unresolved and as a result they have stated that it may not be economical for Sifton to develop their lands. The Board considers the plan of subdivision to be premature and it cannot be approved. Among numerous conditions, the Board has requested both Sifton and Grandview to make changes to their official plan amendments and bylaws which have the effect of significantly reducing the amount of land which may be developed and confirms the City's position that development should not encroach or negatively impact the provincially significant wetlands, cold water fisheries, wildlife habitat or endangered species.


The Board decision also confirms the City’s position on road right-of-way widths to be 20 meters where the applications had proposed widths of 15 and 18 meters, and requiring a secondary access for emergency purposes, and municipal services. The Board sided with the City about the financial burden that servicing of these subdivisions would have on the taxpayers of the community. As a result the Board did not see fit to approve the subdivision of Sifton or the whole subdivision of Grandview.


The Grandview plan of subdivision was approved in part to the extent that 15 of the 190 lots were approved. Grandview will need to satisfy conditions that have been imposed for those 15 lots and enter into an agreement with the City. The servicing concerns for Grandview Ravines would appear to have been satisfied hence the limited amount of development.


We consider that the requirements that the Board is placing upon these developers to significantly reduce the amount of development will ensure that the remaining natural heritage features and functions on these lands will be protected.


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