Waterfront Master Plan 

The Waterfront Master Plan is a planning document to provide vision and guiding principles for the future of the City of Brantford's Grand River waterfront.

(Read the approved version of the Waterfront Master Plan).

Hard copies of the Waterfront Master Plan are available for purchase form the City of Brantford Planning Department for $22.13 plus HST.

The City of Brantford Waterfront Master Plan is an award-winning Plan!

The Waterfront Master Plan has won a 2011 Award of Excellence from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. (Click for more details).

For questions related to this project, please call (519) 759-4150 or email planning@brantford.ca

The 10 Pillars

  • Link & Enhance Natural Features Systems
  • Protect the Water Quality
  • Protect the Integrity of the Dyke
  • Value Heritage Resources
  • Manage Naturalized Riverside Parks & Plan for Recreation that Depends on a Waterside Location
  • Celebrate & Leverage the Trails
  • Create & Promote the Waterfront Cultural Corridor
  • Plan for a Sensitive Urban Interface
  • Be a Model for Environmental Stewardship
  • Plan Based on the Watershed

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