The “Southwest Sector” was annexed to the City of Brantford in 1981, pursuant to the Brantford/Brant Annexation Act. Following the annexation, two separate secondary planning studies were completed -- the first in 1991 and the second in 1994.

The 1991 secondary planning study included the largest portion of the subject lands. At that time, the Province of Ontario and the City of Brantford owned the majority of lands included in the study. These lands were located on the south side of Shellard Lane, with a small portion of lands located on the west side of Conklin Road. Lands under private ownership were not included in this study. This secondary plan dealt with a significant portion of Study Area “A”. The 1994 secondary planning study dealt with lands on the north side of Shellard Lane up to the former T.H. & B rail line. This area is represented by Study Area “B”.

The Secondary Plans formed the basis for Official Plan designations and policies that now apply to the area. Zoning regulations were implemented and refined as the area has developed.

In conjunction with the Secondary Plans, extensive studies have been undertaken with respect to the conservation and protection of natural features and resources, particularly in relation to D’Aubigny Creek and associated wetlands located along the northern boundary of the Southwest Sector. In 1992, a Master Watershed Plan was completed for the Creek, which is a cold-water fishery. Subsequent studies conducted in 1995 and 1997 developed and refined storm water management implementation strategies for the whole of the Southwest Sector. These strategies were designed to protect and enhance the fishery and wetland resources found in the D’Aubigny Creek Management Corridor. In 2001, a Storm Water Management Implementation Strategy was prepared for Zone B of the D’Aubigny Creek watershed area. It is important to note that Zone B of the Watershed Study includes a significant portion of the Secondary Plan Study Area completed in 1991 and 1994; however, the secondary plan was not altered to incorporate the new information.

The first residential plan of subdivision in the Southwest Area was registered in 1994. In more recent years, the Southwest Sector has rapidly become the primary focus of residential growth activity for Brantford. Development has progressed in an east-west direction towards Conklin Road on both sides of Shellard Lane. Over 70 per cent of the City’s building permits for new single detached housing are issued for properties located in the Southwest Area. A signification portion of the City’s future housing potential is also located within the Southwest Area.

The timing and installation of infrastructure improvements, particularly those related to transportation and storm water management, have played a significant role in the manner in which the area has developed. The Brantford Southern Access Road (BSAR) section along the east boundary of the Southwest Sector was completed in 2004. This new road has significantly improved access to the area. Three storm water management ponds have been constructed adjacent to the D’Aubigny Creek Management Corridor to handle storm water run-off from developing areas of the Southwest Sector.

Additionally, there have been considerable changes in Provincial policy relating to greenfield development. These policies, which can be found in the Provincial Policy Statement 2005 (PPS 2005) and which are further laid out in the draft Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, call for more intensified transit-oriented residential development and for a mixing of residential and employment activities within greenfield areas. It is expected that the Growth Plan will be approved during the course of the secondary plan study. Development approvals within the study area must be consistent with the new provincial policies.