The West of Conklin Road Secondary Plan Study examined the land development potential of the Study Area within the context of the aforementioned completed studies and draft approved plans, site physical characteristics, storm water management and servicing capabilities, projected municipal housing needs, the PPS 2005 and Provincial Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The Secondary Plan Report included innovative land use development concepts with supporting material to serve as a guide in the undertaking of the Official Plan amendments, Zoning Bylaw amendments and plans of subdivision for the study area.

The Secondary Plan Study concentrated mainly on Study Area “A”, as some assumptions used in the first Plan were no longer relevant and because there were additional lands to be included in this Study. Study Area “B” was be included in this Study in order ensure the connection of the storm water drainage areas to Study Area “A”.

The environmental constraints within Study Area “C” required review within the context of this project. The level of development that could safely be permitted without negatively impacting the area, including the cold-water fishery in D’Aubigny Creek and the environmentally sensitive lands, were be determined at the end of the study. Other than the particular attention to the environmental conditions, the level of planning effort in Study Area “C” was be the same as that paid to Study Area “A”.

The land use patterns and proposed road configurations in Study Area “B” required review in conjunction with the plans developed for Study Area “A” and the lands of Study Area “C”, to ensure consistency with new provincial policies. The urban design standards developed within this Study are applicable for both Study Areas.

The approved secondary plan concept will lead to the development of a residential community that:

  • Is safe;
  • Is pedestrian friendly;
  • providesProvides a range of housing opportunities consistent with the needs of the community and provincial requirements;
  • utilizesUtilizes innovative design and planning tools in order to provide a range of housing forms consistent with the needs of the community as well as the PPS;
  • sustainsSustains and enhances the natural environment;
  • incorporatesIncorporates significant heritage features;
  • providesProvides for recreational, educational, community and commercial facilities that serve the needs of the Study Area as well as those of other developing residential communities in the Southwest Sector of Brantford;
  • maintainsMaintains a linkage to the greater community of Brantford, to ensure continued access to the downtown, commercial, and recreational areas of the entire City; and
  • provides for full municipal services consistent with the needs of the residents and the sustainability of natural systems.