Project Direction 

The project was undertaken on behalf of the Council of the Corporation of the City of Brantford by the consultant firm, The Planning Partnership. Funding for this project was in conjunction with landowners in the subject area, with each property owner, including the City, contributing a proportionate share of the study cost, dependent upon the size of the property. The Planning Department of the City of Brantford administered the project and provided technical direction to the study team.

A technical review committee was formed and included representatives from key municipal departments such as Engineering, Parks and Recreation, Design and Construction, and Design, Housing, Transit, Public Works, the Grand River Conservation Authority, and other agencies as required. This committee provided technical input throughout the course of the study. The Consultant reported to the committee at various stages of the work program and prior to the formal submission of the final report to City Council. Input and direction was also be facilitated by the Steering Committee, comprised of five members of City Council. Property owners also participated in the project within the context of a Stakeholders Committee with input throughout the entire study process.