2015 Environmental Recognition Award Recipients 

City of Brantford Environmental Recognition Award Winners 2015

The 2015 Environmental Recognition Awards were presented at the May 19, 2015 City of Brantford Council Meeting. Recipients received a certificate from Mayor Chris Friel.

Grace Zhou: Young People – Secondary Age – 2015 City of Brantford Environmental Recognition Award

Grace is a student at North Park School. In Grade 10, Grace developed a proposal for an environmental friendly club called Green Smiles, with the goal of achieving the Ontario Eco-School Award for North Park. Green Smiles has the primary focus for learning, restoring and advocating for an environmentally friendly school. In the inaugural year, Green Smiles completed a Waste and Energy audit, done multiple Energy and Waste review assessments, and completed classroom lighting awareness campaigns. Grace is also leading a UN Interact Club effort for a Water Bottle Ban campaign within her school and community.

On Behalf of the City of Brantford and EPAC Congratulations to Grace and her efforts to restore the natural environment both at North Park school and in the wider Brantford community.

Green Team Bellview school: Young People - Elementary Age – 2015 City of Brantford Environmental Recognition Award

Green Team Bellview school is being recognized today with an Environmental award in the Young People Elementary Age category. Students in the Green Team are responsible for collecting all recycling material in their school. The students are driven and passionate about helping to improve the environment. The Green team sorts the recycling material and ensure the bins are ready to be collected.

On Behalf of the City of Brantford and EPAC, Congratulations to the Bellview School Green Team on their efforts to clean and restore the natural environment both at Bellview school and in the wider Brantford community.

Pauline Johnson Collegiate: Green Non-Profit category

Pauline Johnson has an enviable record in cleaning and restoring the natural environment. Their many efforts include; Gold certified Eco School 2010 – 2014, Blue Box recycling Program, Waste and Energy Audits, Batteries/Electronic/Ink Cartridge Recycling, Eco-Literacy Campaign, Anti-Idling Campaign, Annual Community Clean-up Event, School Grounds Greening. Of special interest to all students is an environment based lessons embedded in many courses, D’Aubigny Creek Rehabilitation and monitoring, Silver Creek Tree planting, and Clean Up, Mohawk Park Tall Grass Prairie planting, Mohawk Park Tree Planting. These are just a few of the many efforts of Pauline Johnson that help to make them an environmental leader in Brantford.

Tom Sitak and Michael Degroote state “We are especially proud that our Eco-Club is a partnership of students, staff and administration – all working together to promote environmental education and values. We also extend this eco-stewardship into the community and feeder schools through many initiatives.

On Behalf of the City and EPAC, Congratulations to Pauline Johnson for their hard work, leadership, and dedication to the natural environment in Brantford.

Tom Sitak: Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mr Sitak is involved in a number of activities throughout the city of Brantford through his role as a teacher at Pauline Johnson Collegiate. Since 1994, Tom and his students have devoted countless hours to improve and rehabilitate D’Aubigny Creek. Tom has hosted a number of workshops and community events in order to share his experiences and educate others. Tom and his students have also spent long days tree planning across the city and within Brant County. These include Silver Creek and latest Forest in the city. Tom’s projects have allowed students to experience first hand the impact humans have on the physical earth. His students then learned what they can do to protect and restore the natural environment. Many environmental projects at Pauline Johnson are the result of Tom’s dedication.

On Behalf of the City of Brantford and EPAC , congratulations to Tom Sitak for his leadership and lifetime environmental achievements.

The Brantford Garden Club: Water/Energy Efficiency category

Since 2005, the Brantford Garden Club has partnered with the city to help fulfill the Water Conservation Program objectives to have a Water Wise Demonstration Garden. This garden increases public awareness of effective and efficient use of water. In addition, the Members of the Club have participated in the development of a Waterwise Landscape Recognition Program. In recognition of the fact that water use increases by 50% in the summer months due to lawn watering, many conservation initiatives focus on gardening and landscaping. The Garden Club is raising awareness of the need to maintain a clean and natural waterway, while also reducing water usage.

On Behalf of the City of Brantford and EPAC , congratulations to the Brantford Garden Club for helping raise awareness of water usage and demonstrate a water wise garden.

Mr. Narine Dat Sookram, Honorable Mentioned : environmental awareness and recycling

We would like to mention, Mr. Narine Dat Sookram for his efforts on behalf of environmental awareness and recycling. While attending Mohawk College, Mr. Sookram developed a program for recycling used books. Mr. Sookram points out that recycling one ton of paper can save 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill, and 4000 killowats of power.

Thank you Mr, Sookram for your efforts to improve environmental awareness in Brantford.